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play recorded programs


play recorded programs

When I attempt to watch recorded programs in my bedroom, DVR skips when TV is on in living room. When TV is off in living room, viewing recorded programs in bedroom works fine!!! Anyone know why this happends. I've had a tech out 4 times trying to figure this out.

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Re: play recorded programs

Please download U-Verse Realtime, install it, and post screenshots of the IP/Profile tab, Bitloading tab, Error Table tab, and Coax/HPNA tab.

To post screenshots here in the forum, you will need to upload them to a photo sharing site, like Picasa, Google, Photobucket, ImageShack, etc.

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Re: play recorded programs

Hi SomeJoe7777, I have a similar issue. My equipment is all connected via Coax. Tried rebooting all the devices. I have uploaded screen shots as suggested into ImageShack. Here are the url's Going through the forum's I see that my link speed is way below what others are experiencing. What are the optimum link speeds and other info? TIA
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Re: play recorded programs

If you're having the same problem as described above (picture freezes/skips/has pixelation when playing back recordings in another room) then the problem is with the coax network, even though U-Verse Realtime may not show it.


Have tech support send a premises tech to your house to check the coax connections, splitters, ends, etc.


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