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no high speed internet-it's a utility


no high speed internet-it's a utility

I talked to ATT tech and per him, ATT is getting out of home phone business. He said they would not be putting in any more infrastructure. This means new developments like mine will get no dsl or Uverse. We currently have no cable, Charter can't get territory. Therefore, NO high speed internet for the approx 80 homes in the development. ALSO, he told me the GEEK squad got the in home service contract for them. You get an inside problem and the GEEK squad comes out to fix you. Internet is a utility not a luxury. Get us dependent and then abandon. WHAT DOES ATT want? Buys out Cingular and South Bell thens leaves us to bad air cars, dial-up and Hughes. Thanks ATT.
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Re: no high speed internet-it's a utility

Hi nointernet!

I am not sure if the technician you spoke to has access to all information on AT&T plans and internet infrastructures. AT&T is committed to providing DSL service to as many people as technically possible. They have been upgrading infrastructures and installing the necessary equipment at an accelerated pace in recent times. However, the only way to accurately determine if they have plans for your area is to call the AT&T Sales Team for more information. Getting in touch with the AT&T Sales Team, either thru eChat or over the phone, will provide you with recent updates and developments. More inquiries from prospected members in your area can help AT&T grant this request with greater consideration.

To contact the AT&T eChat Help Desk, you may click on the following link:

Contact # for Consumer Sales
888.321.2375, from the prompt choose Sales

Sales Hours of Operation for Center:
Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
Saturday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Contact # for U-verse / Lightspeed


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Re: no high speed internet-it's a utility

It's obvious you are ATT. The development I live in has even went as far as getting petitions to have internet DSL from ATT installed and most residents will sign a contract if need be. ATT is NOT providing infrastructure according to ATT tech. They cut the repair force to 1/3 and not interested in home phone systems. This is all according to ATT tech. I wish Bellsouth was still controlling resources instead of ATT/SWB. ATT, please address your problems if you respond instead of trying to offer products to me you can't provide. Yes, the development where I live gets your offers for DSL, Uverse and all the other plans, but guess what, you call ATT and ATT doesn't provide service to these addresses. I wish daily for cable to be installed and then I'll petition for majic jack or some other hard line provider in the neighborhood.
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