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missing router wires in Houston


missing router wires in Houston

I had U-verse TV installed two days ago. As part of the installation I got a new bigger, fancier router. The installer used the in-place wires(phone, power, Ethernet) from my old router(same 2Wire brand). He took whatever wires came with the new router when he left because he had not needed them for the installation. Or maybe he did use the new wires and took the old ones with him. I'd like to sell the old 2Wire router cheap but no have no wires so it's useless. Is there an installation complaint number I can call? I have no complaints about the installer- he did a good job- but I want my wires. John
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Re: missing router wires in Houston

While not the point, CAT5 cables are a dime a dozen.  The tech should have left his card though so you can contact him.  Personally, I wouldn't expect a used router to come with cables other than power. - Dave

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