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intermittent speeds Bay Area need help!!


intermittent speeds Bay Area need help!!


   I need help with my uverse hsi ... speeds are spiking throughout the day from 5mbps - 11mbps. i am usually downloading files @ 1.40mbps now i am @ 41.00kbps

Specs are

Windows xp Home edition



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Re: intermittent speeds Bay Area need help!!

I have 12mbps U-verse HSI service in San Jose and have also experienced very low (1mbps or even lower) download speeds during peak (evening) usage periods. This problem has only started a week or less ago and prior to that I have consistently had 10-11 mbps whenever I would test my download speed. Chat support was no help. Even though I told them that I had tried resetting my gateway already, their only solution was to reset the gateway and monitor the performance for a few days. Next, telephone support said they tested my line and there were some errors, so they were sending a tech out. The tech came out and when I explained that the problem was only during peak usage times, he said that there was an outage that he was told would be fixed by the end of the week. Some fiber line was lost so some re-routing of traffic is being done to compensate, but the resulting capacity is not enough during peak traffic, so therefore the slow speeds. Hopefully he is right and the problem will be fixed soon. It is disappointing that only the local tech is up to speed on what is going on locally with the network and tech support is just clueless.

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Re: intermittent speeds Bay Area need help!!

I have been having the same problem with my 12mbps service lately - and I am way up in Benicia, so it could be more than just the San Jose/Silicon Valley area.

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