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iNID installation help


iNID installation help

I just had U-Verse TV only installed last Saturday and I have come questions and looking for some advice from somebody who is familiar with iNID Installations.  Like I said, I only currently have U-Verse TV (no internet or voice).  My current setup is as follows... They have a coxaxial cable that goes from the iNID box into my house, where it is then split into two coaxial lines that go to my two stb's.  My first question is, should I have also been provided with some sort of indoor gateway that connects to the iNID?  Because what if I wanted to use Cat6 Ethernet Cable to connect my STB's?  Wouldnt I need it then?   Also with the iNID box, there is an Ethernet port on it.  What is this used for?  Would I be able to run an ethernet cable from there to an indoor switch and then send those to my two STB's via ethernet?   And my last question refers to if I were to add High Speed Internet.  Would I need any addition equipment or would I be able to run Ethernet cable from the Ethernet port on the iNID to my exisitin Wireless N router to feed my internet connections?  It was my understanding that this new iNID box basically can handle everything and essentially replaces the indoor RG.  If that is the case, would I still need to pay teh extra 3 bucks a month that they charge for the internet equipement?   Any help with my questions or just exactly how iNID works with respect to TV and Internet would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: iNID installation help

With normal iNID installations that are TV + Internet, there is an inside-the-house gateway (the i38HG) that is also part of the system.  This brings out 4 Ethernet ports and wireless G for computers, and the STBs can connect to it as well.


In a TV-only i3812V (the outside iNID) setup, they obviously didn't give you an i38HG.  You can probably request one, but there will be a truck roll charge because they've already set up the STBs on coax.


I don't think the Ethernet port on the i3812V can be used directly, but you might try.  I think there's 2 Ethernet ports on it, one is for technician troubleshooting and the other is for the user.  I haven't seen an iNID, so I don't know which is which.


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Re: iNID installation help

Ethernet port is disabled on the inid unless enabled by a tech... The indoor unit CAN run TV's but not reliably and techs are trained not to run tv's on it because of its poor performance. the indoor unit is only installed if you have internet service with at&t. And if you aren't knowledgable about the product you will likely mess things up more than make them more efficient and be charged for a truck roll and rewiring.

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