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extending end time failure

extending end time failure

went to watch 24 on the DVR last nite, 20 minutes after the start time, to see that a presidental news conference pushed back te start of 24 by 5 min.  So i went into the record settings for 'this episode only' to extend then end time by 5 min.  The time bar on screen during the show indicates the 5 extra minutes, and appears to have been recorded (shows green), but during playback, the 'end of episode' came when originally scheduled, not with the 5 min extension.  I did not ge to see the end of the show.

Is this a known bug?  is there a way to view te last 5 min recorded?

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Re: extending end time failure

something similar like that happened to me. but it was from me setting up a series recording while i was watching the show or maybe it was from searching out a show and setting one up. dont want to try and remember the specifics, but after the 2nd or third time i remember telling myself that the dvr doesnt allways see the show you have highlighted.


i guess what im trying to say is.... i think it wants you to input the extend 5 minutes before it starts recording it. i know it showed up on the time bar but that doesnt mean the dvr knew what to do with it. they still have a lot of work to do with debugging uverse.


i have a habit of staying on top of my dvr by watching shows and deleting them as i watch them. so my dvr rarely dips below the 70 or 80% mark. by doing this, i am able to set up all of my most important shows to extend 30 minutes past. and i also do this any show that records on a day that is famous for football (sundays and mondays). you never know when you'll need it and the dvr will store all of the tv i could possible want in standard def.


i know i didnt answer your final question, but i hope that this will inspire you to spend a little time tweaking your series settings. it is so much easier knowing that you wont have to worry when these times arise.


head to fox, hulu, or surfthechannel. you can watch the last 5 minutes there. jack is the man and 24 rocks. best line of the series so far.... "with all due respect ma'am, ask around." 



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