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erasing a program on my DVR


erasing a program on my DVR

My uverse recently went out for 36 hours due to a wiring problem in our neighborhood.  When it came back on, I noticed that my DVR had attempted to record several programs, which were not successful due to no signal. Now, when I go to my recorded programs, I click on these programs and I am given the message "Recording playback is unavailable.  Make sure the TV receiver and the DVR are connected to the network."  When I click "ok" and exit this, I am taken back to the original playback screen--When I try to erase the program, I am given the message "The program cannot be erased. It may be playing on another box". How can I erase these programs permanently?

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Re: erasing a program on my DVR

Reboot the Residential Gateway (RG).  Once the RG completes rebooting, reboot the DVR and any other U-verse receivers.  Once the reboots are complete, you should be able to delete the recordings on the DVR.

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