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dvr freeze fixed? Simple, but worked


dvr freeze fixed? Simple, but worked

I have been having many problems with freezing video on the dvr and affiliated stb's. So after 2 house calls and a dozen tech calls it came to this.

every time they reset the box they would forget to queue in the correct time zone.

once I put in correct time zone....wallah it was fixed.

I fired up 2 HDTV TV's and 2 SD TV's plus the internet to make sure I was using all bandwidth and the dvr's did not freeze up.


I can not believe this fixed this problem.

I thought I would pass along to help any others.

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Re: dvr freeze fixed? Yay!

Yeah, I read the entire thread, but I was grasping at straws, I figured at least it couldn't hurt.



It froze up again, so I called Tech Support and he bumped me up to 3-HD and 1-SD, the Tech guy said it should update at midnight so we will see tomorrow night if that worked.


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Re: dvr freeze fixed? Yay!

If you continue to have problems with freezing, start a new thread in the Equipment forum and we will see if we can examine your line stats.


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Re: dvr freeze fixed? Yay!

Well they found the problem, it was a problem out in the box next to the street, they replaced a feeder cable and everything is working at 100%.


Plus the tech installed digital cables running from the STB to the televisions and we now actually have HD pictures on the TVs. That blue light has never been on before :smileymad: now it is :smileyvery-happy:


I am a happy camper now.

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