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connecting to my network


connecting to my network

I was connected to Uverse, but I got a new computer, and setup my wireless reciever.  It can detect my 2wire network, and it shows a strong signal, but when I type in the wireless encryption key, it wont connect.
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Re: connecting to my network

First, make sure you have the correct encryption key

It is located on the label on the side of the RG and is labeld "wireless network key"

As long as you are still using the default key, this should be it


what is happening when you connect, is it saying "limited or no connectivity"


if so, then the key is incorrect


if you are getting the "windows is taking longer than expected to connect"

or "windows cannot connect" messages, then powercycle the Rg and it should help

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Re: connecting to my network

I used to see the Limited/No Connectivity message a lot and it was because of interference, somewhere, with something/someone.  Nothing to do with my Key being incorrect.


1)  Try changing to another Wireless Channel in the RG.


2)  Download (free) Net Stumbler and see which channels are being used in your 'hood; pick one that isn't being used by many.


3) DUMB QUESTION, but maybe you are looking at ANOTHER 2Wire in your neighborhood and it isn't yours? If still the 2Wire (with 3-digit #), would recommend changing it to something YOU recognize/remember.


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