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change wan ip address


change wan ip address

how do i changed the wan ip public address. i do not have a static address i did not purchase one.  i have a 2wire att gateway.  i need it changed for security reasons and also it should change or lease time should be up by now. it has been the same address since i started the service over a year ago.

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Re: change wan ip address

Normally, there is no way to force a change of your public IP address.


However, having said that, there is a chance that you could end up with a different address if you do the following.  Read through this entire procedure before proceeding and make sure you understand it and can do it correctly.  This procedure should only be done for 2Wire 3800HGV-B, 3801HGV, and 3600HGV gateways.  It is very difficult to do for iNID (i3812V) gateways because disconnecting the VDSL feed must be done in the NID.


1. Using a web browser, go into your residential gateway at:


Write down all customized settings and firewall rules that you have in the gateway.


2. Go to the following page of your residential gateway:


3. Click the last button on the page that says "Reset to Factory Default State".  The system will prompt you for confirmation, and then will reset and reboot, clearing all the internal configuration and settings.




Unplug the VDSL feed to the gateway.  This will be either the phone cable in the green port, or the coax connection.


4. Leave the system unplugged from VDSL for about an hour.  This will leave you without Internet, IPTV, and VOIP services for this length of time, so only do this procedure if you can be without the services for that long.


5. Unplug and power down the gateway.


6. Reconnect the VDSL feed to the gateway.


7. Power the gateway up and let it sync to VDSL.  There is a decent chance it will get a different IP address, but this is not guaranteed.


8. Once the gateway is back up, log back into it using:


You will need the system password from the white sticker on the side/bottom of the gateway because any password you had previously set will have been reset to the default.


9. Reconfigure your gateway with any custom settings or firewall settings you had.


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Re: change wan ip address

i have tried in that past no luck. i will try it again. Smiley Happy

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