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anyone else trouble with att connec tech and port 25


anyone else trouble with att connec tech and port 25

I'll start off by saying most of the employees with att tech regular (non pay) support have been friendly.


I have been having an issue with my port 25 being blocked for a few days. I had it unblocked on my old dsl for years but just switched to uverse with static ip's so now it is blocked again. I think I call att about 3 times a day trying to get it resolved. They always tell me it has been unblocked but still it doesnt work. So then they tell me it must be all my computers. So to prove them wrong I removed the 2wire and connected to another internet connection and I have no problems with port 25. So that proves its not all 5 of my computers.


So I contacted one of the techs from this forum and he informed me that you have to pay connectech a $25.00 fee. I have no problem with that. I call connectech and got the rudest tech ever! I gave my credit card and they actually charged me $29.00 which is still fine and all he did was tell me it was already unblocked. He wouldnt even let me explain what was going on and put me on hold for a few minutes and then some other guy comes back and tells me that he is refunding the money and refuses to tell me why or what happened to the tech.


So now I call att tech support back and this is the first time I got a very rude employee on this side. This guy is kind of yelling at me and raising his voice that its already unblocked so Im getting upset and telling him its not and raising my voice back. He is also telling that if my webmail works that port 25 is not blocked. So I tell him his stupid webmail doesnt run on port 25 so we have to argue about that for a few minutes. Finally he puts me on hold to go talk to his manager and then comes back and says well port 25 is blocked after all and that I have to call connectech to get it unblocked. So now I inform him that I just went through that and that they didnt help me. So he calls connectech and gets them on the phone. I wasnt able to hear the conversation while he had me on hold but he apparently explained the situation to them and the connected me. Well wouldnt you know this 2nd guy with connectech was really rude too. I tried to explain to him what happened with the first guy but he didnt want to hear it. He said he shows my port 25 to be blocked and can unblock it for 29.00. I said great! do it! I heard him hit the keyboard a couple of times and he said it was all done. I quickly checked and it still didnt work. He said it would not work until I rebooted my computer and he would not wait for me to reboot it and that I would just have to call back if it didnt work.


Fine ! whatever!


re-booted and still doesnt work. Connected back to a different (non att) internet connection and it works. So its still not my problem.


Call connectech back. Get a professional polite person this time. This guy actually remote desktop in to my computer checks it out and says that I am correct in that the problem is not my computer but unfortunately doesnt know what the problem is but thats its att's problem. Says to call att regular tech support back.


Great! I spent $29.00 for nothing now.


Call att back and told them what connectech said so they check some more and say its unblocked and they dont know why it doesnt work. Ok. great .Im still out 29.00 and no port 25.


So they are sending someone out to change out the inet mounted to the house outside. I dont really expect it to work. I cant believe it would be bad to where it was only blocking port 25 and no others but who knows. We will see in the morning.


Again I am not trashing att regular tech support. Most of them were very polite. Only 1 really rude tech. But connectech is a different story. I cant imagine they get much repeat business with the attitude they have.


Anyway still no port 25 amd I have paid the 29.00 fee. It works with a non att connection.


Ill report back if it ever gets fixed. Untill then if any of you are told to call and pay 29.00 to have it unblocked, you might want to think twice about it or get it in writing that they will refund the 29.00 if it doesnt work.



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Re: anyone else trouble with att connec tech and port 25

If all else fails, contact David here, follow instructions under Troubles with Uverse. David and his team should be able to resolve your problem.

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Re: anyone else trouble with att connec tech and port 25

They just got it fixed. They replaced the box outside and ran a new wire and that fixed it. Port 25 is working. Also, I am getting the correct speed now. I pay for an 18 meg and was only getting a 3 and now its a little over 18.


I wish it it didnt take 7 days of arguing to get some one to understatnd that I really had a problem but its fixed now and Im happy.

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Re: anyone else trouble with att connec tech and port 25

It's why you come here as soon as you have a problem. Smiley Wink


I gather by *they* you mean David's team got it fixed?

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Re: anyone else trouble with att connec tech and port 25

not sure if it was his team. When I talked to att tech support they arranged this for today after connectech couldnt resolve it. They didnt actually think changing that box would help and I didnt either but it did. 3 guys were here today and I think one guy was with connectech and they were very friendly and let me show them how it worked with t-mobile internet tethered from my vibrant but not with att.

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Re: anyone else trouble with att connec tech and port 25

It's working, that's what is important. Smiley Wink

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Re: anyone else trouble with att connec tech and port 25

I just went through the same thing as mrwhitee.  After having Uverse internet installed with static ips, I called tech support to get port 25 opened.  This took a couple of tries but Uverse tech support changed the policy setting for my account to allow for port 25 to be open.  You don't need this for client email as you can use another port but for server email sending you need this port open.  Like the original poster this did not take affect for my account.  After a few days of talking to Connectech and Uverse support and after seeing this post I asked them to send someone out to look at the problem.  The were somewhat reluctant to replace the inid, but the technician really stuck with this and we finally got permission to replace it.  This did in fact solve the problem.  I am not a router expert, but my guess is that once the inid is up it must not refresh its policies.  I wonder if I had contacted tech support before the install if this would have prevented the problem.  I doubt that the hardware is faulty; there just doesn't seem to be a way to reset this or if there is tier 2 tech support isn't aware of it.

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Re: anyone else trouble with att connec tech and port 25

I had a similar problem back in December when I got U-Verse.  Called direct to Tier 2 to get port 25 unblocked.  Less than 10 minutes later, tech says it is unblocked.  Tested it later that day but no joy.  Still could not send out over port 25.  Rebooted the iNID with the same result.  So, I emailed Tier 2 the next day about the issue.  Got a very quick response indicating that indeed port 25 was unblocked on my account.  So, thanks to the info I got out of the following thread (, I asked for my account to be un-provisioned and then re-provisioned since it helped someone else.  Tech said sure thing and set about doing just that.  Took a few hours as they were having a computer issue but later that day, port 25 was truly unblocked for me.  Did all this through email communication with Tier 2.  I must say I was very impressed with the response.  No jumping through hoops, etc.  Didn't even have to argue about the un-provisioning and re-provisioning (I supplied him with the thread url).  Maybe this info can save someone else in the future.



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Re: anyone else trouble with att connec tech and port 25

THANK YOU SO MUCH, I would have NEVER gotten my same issue solved without your post.  I called T2 support 3 times, and no one got it, until i was able to reference this post.  One important thing my rep had to do was change my speed down, then back up again (to force a change to make the provisioning go through) - that was what fixed my issue.


I've been working on this since 730pm, its now 230 am.  THANKS AGAIN!!!!!



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