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Yet Another Router Behind Router Question


Yet Another Router Behind Router Question

I've searched and there are a number of threads that talk about how to setup the router behind the RG.


The problem is I need some step by step instructions. I'm computer savvy but not network savvy. 


I would like to tell you my setup (not too complicated) and if anyone would mind to help me in a step by step, I'd greatly appreciate it.


(I previously had ATT DSL and used a Linksys WRT54G router)


I just got a 2Wire RG from Uverse with their service. I wouldn't mind plugging all of my connections directly into the Uverse RG but I have 6 devices/wires... So I need to connect my Linksys router. Which, by the way, has DDWRT firmware. Which someone once installed.


I have 2 PC's, 1 CCTV Security DVR system, 2 networked printers. Plus one plug for the TV that needs to be plugged in.

Because of the siring setup and office locations, I have one wire coming from router to one office and there is a Cisco switch that then connects to one PC and one printer.


Wiring: I have the WAN port of the Linksys plugged into one of the connections in the RG.

If I plug the rest of the connections into the Linksys router, everything works except: No internet connection on the one PC that is behind the Cisco switch. Interestingly, the printer behind the switch works and the networking works, just not the internet connection on that one PC.


Now, if I plug all (but one device due to room) into the Uverse RG, networking works between all thats connected in the RG and internet works. But the device that stayed behind in the router (DVR) does not work....


I think I'm making this more complicated than it needs to:


I have 5 devices, plus TV (6 wires). How can I make the PC's have internet and the other devices to work on the network?


Thanks a ton in advance.



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Re: Yet Another Router Behind Router Question

I would recommend you purchase another switch.  You can get a 5-port 100 Mbps switch very cheaply at Best Buy, Fry's, etc.


Set this switch at the RG.  Uplink it to the RG.  Now plug all computing devices (computer, security DVR, printers) into the new switch.  Plug TVs directly into the RG.  You won't use your Linksys router.


This should work for everything.


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