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Xbox 360 connection problems


Xbox 360 connection problems

My Xbox connection is definitely slower since i've switched from insight (10mbps) cable to Uverse (18mbps), which was supposed to be faster. When I play COD MW2 now, I am always at 3 bars and it does have an impact on gameplay. Before with Insight I was always at 4 bars. 


I would like to know if I am doing this setup correctly with the 2wire router:


I have gone into the firewall settings and moved the Xbox application under what appears to be the router IP. There is no change in performance so I am wondering how and where should I put the Xbox application, which IP? It looks like I could switch it to the Xbox IP or my desktop IP, but that doesn't make sense to me. It should be to the router right?


Please help.

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Re: Xbox 360 connection problems

Will go with you having everything setup correctly since you are able to play. The problem is Latency. Tons of people complain about this issue. I play that game to and I know I'm slower because what I see and what is seen in killcam is two different things. If your hardcore player you might try a different dsl/cable. Uverse does not put internet as it top priority.

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Re: Xbox 360 connection problems

Thanks for your response. I wonder why in the world would they offer to upgrade to faster internet service if it isn't really that fast at all and isn't an upgrade? There must be a solution somewhere. Maybe one is in the works. I was getting faster connection with coax cable and I now, supposedly, have fiber optics and it is slower? That just doesn't seem right.


If I remember correctly my cable was split outside the house. One line was for internet and the other line went to all the TV/DVRs. It would make sense to me to dedicate a line strictly for internet. I mean how much lag is there when you watch TV? I have never noticed any. And speaking of that my HD signal was way better with Indight as well. I can watch a game and things seem to be blurry at times, like out of focus almost. There HD quality is lower also. I am beginning to think that this was a mistake.

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Re: Xbox 360 connection problems

yarmond1 wrote:

Thanks for your response. I wonder why in the world would they offer to upgrade to faster internet service if it isn't really that fast at all and isn't an upgrade?

Remember Uverse is marketed as a VOIP and Television Service, Internet service is really just an afterthought.

If you are really concerned about latency, you really need to stick with a Cable or DSL provider.


Otherwise, look for game servers where the majority of the people have high latency for what ever the reason, then all will be fair.


Thats the way my wife plays that dang World of Warcraft game, she found some free server where everyone has like 150ms or higher latency so everyones on a level playing field



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Re: Xbox 360 connection problems

You must be clearer or more precise with your definition of "faster".  18 mbs will provide more download speed (faster downloads) than 10 mbs.  However, it could have higher "latency" - as such, your downloads will go faster but your game play will suffer.


I found that Uverse in my neighborhood added 7 ms of latency over my prior conventional AT&T DSL service.  However, Uverse delivers me materially the quoted bandwidth (speed?) - wherease DSL was lower due to my distance from the equipment.  With regard to why is Uverse more latent - that added 7 ms is used by the equipment (interlace) to allow the underlying equipment to replace any lost packets during transmission.  This is to provide a better service for streaming apps (voice and tv).  But yes, the trade off is very low jitter, 100% packet delivery, but ~7 ms greater latency.  On the positive side, because Uverse bundled products are delivered via a VDSL circuit which delivers typically > 30 mbs of actual service to your RG, your internet bandwidth will be limited (throttled) based upon the service you purchase.  So you will typically get the bandwidth you sign up for.  This is not the case with traditional DSL.


Example, my former 6 mbs DSL yielded about 4.2 mbs of bandwidth at my home.  My current 12 mbs Uverse internet connection yields me 12 mbs of internet bandwidth - albeit wtih a 7 ms greater latency (delay).


So if you are into downloading ISO files, streaming netflix, watching Youtube or the such - it is faster.  If you are a gamer who is really worried about latency, not bandwidth, then the Uverse product will be a little more latent (slower game response).


I hope this helps bring clarity.


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Re: Xbox 360 connection problems

Yarmond1,  that is my problem as well.   I am getting owned now that I moved from Charter to Uverse.   It is playable but not really acceptable.    I can tell a huge difference when I changed services.   That is why I asked if it was possible to have Comcast internet with Unverse TV.    I love AT&T TV stuff but their internet is just not good for what I want it for.

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