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Posted Sep 24, 2008
8:36:15 AM
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Wireless not Working on 3800HGV-B
So I've had U-Verse for about three days now. On day one, I set up my wireless network with my own SSID and settings, and it worked beautifully. I was really impressed with it's signal strength too. The next day, I came home and attempted to connect to the wireless network, and it didn't work. None of my devices could detect the existence of any wireless network whatsoever. I played with all of the settings....changing the channel from 1 through 11, turning off security, enabling and disabling the SSID broadcast, trying different SSID names, and nothing worked. I tried resetting, disabling and enabling the wireless, and even tried the classic "unplug it and plug it in again" thing. Nothing I do will get my devices to find the 3800HGV-B's wireless network. I've used laptops, my Nintendo DS, and my PSP to try and find the network, but it's simply not there. Finally I had to give up and hook up my old crappy Netgear so I could connect.....which worked fine, but I really want to use the 3800HGV-B for my wireless. Does anyone have any suggestions for things I can try? One thing I notice also is that there is no light above the "wireless" indicator on the front of the 3800HGV-B. Is this LED supposed to be lit up all the time, or only when something is actually connected wirelessly? The fact that it's off seems to indicate that something's not working. Also, does the big button on the right side have anything to do with the wireless connection? I did try pressing it and also holding it down but still nothing. I'd love some help with this, and if you guys are as stumped as I am, could you tell me the best way to get help with this?
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