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Wireless Question

Wireless Question

When I have ATT U-verse installed how does the wireless network work?  I mean, I have a laptop (wireless ready) and a desktop (that needs a router) so will ATT provide a router?  Will I need to do something else to connect my laptop to the ATT network?  I'm very new to the wireless world and just don't want any surprises.  Thank you for your help!
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Re: Wireless Question

the uverse supplied router is for tv phone and internet... it has 4 ports ethernet as well as wireless capable...

if yout laptop has a wireless card the tech will use that and supply one usb 2wire adapter for the desktop most likely.

if u can get the desktop wired with ethernet (cat5 etc) i would go that route imo for less connectivity issures..





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Re: Wireless Question

Thank you!
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Re: Wireless Question

I have had att u-verse for over a year and i have the 3800HGV-B router. I stopped using the wireless feature for awhile because i run off of an ethernet cord. I wanted to use it recently and my network would not show up. so i looked at the router and the wireless light if not on or blinking. I then searched online for troubleshooting information and nothing helped. As you can see by the picture the wireless settings simply arent there. I have nooo idea why this is. Can anyone offer some suggestions? id really rather fix this myself without calling customer service.screenie.jpg
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Re: Wireless Question

AT& T supplies you with a "all needs" router. if you sign up for u-verse every feature,(phone, internet[wireless & eathernet], and TV) everything plugs in through this one main modem/router.  When you sign up all you will need to do is type the wireless code into your laptop and your on! for the PC just run a cord from the box to the computer or buy a wireless card for the PC. Its very simple.
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Re: Wireless Question

Look at this page (you'll need the password on the sticker on the UV RG):


See if the WIRELESS button shows ENABLE--if it does, then click it and then it should show DISABLE (meaning you now using the Wireless).


Forgot to mention, can't see your picture yet (everything has to get approval from the Mod first).

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Re: Wireless Question

Login to your MDC page at  then click on "Wireless" which should take you to  check your wireless settings to similiar to the pict. below.




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Re: Wireless Question

Did you try doing a hard reset of the rg?  Unplug it for 30 seconds and replug it.  After it boots up check the wireless settings.
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Re: Wireless Question

OK, can see your screenshot now and WIRELESS is not even there.


Try RCs suggestion...if that doesn't work, the RGs wireless may have died and ATT will have to come swap out for a new RG.


Let us know.


Have you called tech support to see if they can help remotely?  Try the number at bottom of my post.

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