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Wireless Access Point


Wireless Access Point

First time poster here. I tried searching the forums but didn't find what I was looking for...


I've recently discovered that there's a free ethernet port on each of my Uverse TV Receivers. I live in a large home and the whole house is wired for Uverse via Coax (hence the free ethernet port). I plugged in an ethernet cable between the Receiver and my laptop and was up and running online with no problems. The wireless signal from the main router doesn't extend up to my bedroom, so my question is:


Is it possible to connect a wireless access point/wireless repeater/other hardware via this free ethernet port on the Receiver in order to get wireless around the entire house?


If it is possible, any recommendations for what works best?


My apologies if this has already been answered elsewhere. Have a great day!!

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Re: Wireless Access Point

That is not a free ethernet port on the STBs.  It is designed if cat5e is used for the connection input

and not coax.  When watching TV and using internet at the same time you may see problems on

TV and/or internet. :smileywink:



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Re: Wireless Access Point

Thanks! I've been using both simultaneously for a few weeks now with no problems... But good to know, nonetheless.  :smileyhappy:
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Re: Wireless Access Point

What you can do is hookup a more powerful router via the LAN ports to recieve better signal.  I have Cat 5e running throughout my house, if you have anything like this you can just connect an access point via the lan ports upstairs to transmit the wireless signal.
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Re: Wireless Access Point

Background: Seeking help with Access Points and 2Wire 3800 Res Gateway. Have CAT5 throughout the house. Before U-Verse had Bellsouth 6MB service with a Linksys150WRT router and two Access Points Linksys WAP54Gs. On walljacks CAT5, where I had Linksys Workgroup 10/100 switches where the Access Points were connected. Everything ran flawless with good throughput on 802.11G/G w/ constant throughput of 3-4MB DL/644K UL.


Problem: Since installing U-Verse connected the two Access Points to the switches where cannot get a connection. The 2Wire Wireless feature is disabled as using the access points as the wireless transport for services. When I connect the Access Point to the back of the 2Wire 3800 the access points obtain connection, although throughput hovers 4-5MB DL/1MB UL. Though perhaps it was a switch issue which I upgraded the two switches to Gigabit (10/100/1000) - connection problem continued. Then connected the AP directly to the CAT5 walljack where sometimes I was able to connection, but most of the time no connectivity. I bought a new Access Point to see if that was the problem where also the new AP did not connect, but was able to connect and have wireless services only if I connected it to the 2Wire 3800 RG. Have changed patch cables and ran testers to see if the jacks are terminated correctly (568A and 568B). The video to the two TVs work great so it is puzzling what could be the issue that the APs will not connect to provide wireless services only when the APs are connected to the 2Wire 3800 RG.


Thus seeking guidance from the this forum where I appreciate your time to provide ideas how to resolve.



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Re: Wireless Access Point

I have been a customer for about a year. I have two wireless access points set up but it takes a little bit of technical know how to get them started. The problem is the gateway expects it to be the only server generating IP numbers from a wireless perspective.  In order to get the routers to join the network and generate IP addresses there are several things that need to be done. First the routers need to be given static IP addresses and you must figure out the range of IPs that you want it to assign. For me, under 100 is the gateway, 101-150 is the first wireless access point and then my other wireless access point assigns 151-200. I assign static IPs out of the 201-253 range. 

You have to move your access points to the DMZ. Read your routers instructions on how to do that. Once I did I was able to access both access points and have it all work together. 

This assumes you know how to set up the access points to change its so that you give it the static IP and you change the WAN gateway to the 2Wire gateway address. 

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