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Windows XP WPA-PSK Problem


Windows XP WPA-PSK Problem

Hi everyone,


I just had my u-verse tv connected along with the internet connection. I have one laptop has dell 1490 wlan mini card on it and when I try to do speedtest on windows xp(sp3 with all latest wireless patches) I get like 8 mbps connection speed. When I try to switch it to vista on the same computer I get the full speed around 17mbps.  I tried to directly connect to router with a direct cat5 cable on windows xp and I also get the full speed.


I read many writings saying windows xp sp3 is better with wep than the wpa-psk but is there a way to fix windows xp to get full speed with WPA-PSK with wireless connection?


I also played with the advanced wireless settings but did not resolve the speed.(also tried different channels where there werent any router)



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Re: Windows XP WPA-PSK Problem

I see you said you are running both Vista and XP so do you have the most current drivers for both since they are different.
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Re: Windows XP WPA-PSK Problem

I agree with oz - make sure the XP drivers are up to date.  Go to the manufacturer's web site for the wireless card/adapter you are using and download the latest driver/utilities package.


Also make sure your Windows XP installation has the latest updates from Microsoft (go to to get them if required).


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Re: Windows XP WPA-PSK Problem

I already have the latest drivers. This problem is definately with the windows xp. I have another work computer with windows xp installed. I have the same speed problem with that. Latest service pack and latest drivers are installed on both of the computers.
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Re: Windows XP WPA-PSK Problem

The only additional thing I might recommend is that you go over to the DSLReports forum, and download Dr. TCP.  Read their documentation over there known as the tweak FAQ, and you might also use their tweak tester.


There are certain settings you can adjust with Dr. TCP (specifically the RWIN size) that may make a difference in the download speeds.


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Re: Windows XP WPA-PSK Problem

MTU fix definately fixed it. Windows XP seems to have the cap inside and that software resolved it.



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Re: Windows XP WPA-PSK Problem



I am having similar issues, I was wondering if you could further describe what has to be done with Windows Xp to fix the speed over the Wi-Fi connection? I have a laptop with Windows Vista that does not suffer from the same speed lag over Wi-Fi. When I connect my Xp laptop via ethernet cable it reaches 5.8Mbps - 6.0 Mbps but on Wi-Fi I'm down to 3.7 Mbps whereas the Vista computer gets 5.7 Mbps consistently.

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Re: Windows XP WPA-PSK Problem

Hey guys, 


Never mind on providing me information as I requested in the previous post...  I went to which I had not really been to before, wow what a great resource for information. I found out how the MTU works on Windows Xp and that apparently it was fixed for Windows Vista. I had my MTU set by default for some reason at 1500 and when I set it to 1480 I got my Wi-Fi speed working perfectly. It did the trick!! 


This post really lead me in the right direction... this may be an underlying issue for a lot of people out there with Windows Xp and they may be going through (much like i did) several loops with updating drivers... installing software... and doing a lot of things... I just don't know why after being on so many forums on the web and with so many informed people no one ever suggested this in one of my posts...


Well thanks for everything! 

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Re: Windows XP WPA-PSK Problem

I am also having an issue with my wireless laptops and speeds.  I get great speeds on my desktop which is connecte directly to the router but my laptop and my wifes laptop are getting horrible speeds.  Less than 1mb/second.


One runs windows XP and one runs Vista.


Can someone point me in the direction so I can fix this ?  I went to dsl reports and didnt know where to look.


Thanks in advance !

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Re: Windows XP WPA-PSK Problem

Hey wingfan,


I'm no expert actually I came to this website looking for an answer to my problem but since I see no one else responded on here I'll let you know what I did... (if you still need it) 


I went to dslreports (links below) website and read through the entire instructions and did the steps as they said... this fixed my problem with my Windows Xp machine.


The problem seems to be (atleast for me) that apparently Windows Xp has some restriction on the wireless (Wi-Fi) transfer rates so you have to find the best one for your connection/computer and then input it manually using a program (you can download for free from dslreports).


Seems Microsoft implemented a tool into Vista by default to take care of this (so much so that dslreports does not recommend tweaking Vista on this)


In my opinion it all just seems that Xp was designed so long ago before all these advance broadband / fiber connections and all these much more advanced routers and such that I do not think they went all that far with this specific setting built into Xp. This is to find out the optimal MTU setting for your computer This is to download the tool to change the MTU on your computer (requires restart to take effect)


(I recommend all the devices on your network to run the same MTU based on what I read) 


Go to both those links and just follow the instructions and this should fix you up for Windows Xp machines over Wi-Fi... any other issues you should want to go ahead and make a new post to get some help from people who know better. 


Good luck.



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