Why is AT&T restricting access to news site video's? CNN, local TV, etc.


Why is AT&T restricting access to news site video's? CNN, local TV, etc.

About three weeks ago my wife and I noticed that video's on cnn.com and our local TV stations no longer stream in fast enough to watch. The typical 2-3 minute news story would have to be paused for 5 minutes or more to be playable. I would test at a couple of speed tests site, no trouble there. Our same laptops work fine on non-AT&T networks. Today I had a shell open on a server over an encrypted VPN tunnel, all of my traffic was routing over this, and while some database repair commands were running I was reading news at CNN. I clicked a video, before I could make it to the pause button 40% of the video was in the buffer. I watched a couple more, worked great. My local TV stations had the same results. I disconnected my VPN tunnel and back to the poor performance. So, I conclude that AT&T is intentionally cutting off news video's. Downloads work great, full speed. Torrents are working too. Why is AT&T targeting news and other streaming video's and degrading performance?

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Re: Why is AT&T restricting access to news site video's? CNN, local TV, etc.

They are not blocking them, they just dont know how to run a network or are being very cheap making us use BAD routes.






23 pages, most complaints.... Last page has a funny little story/answer AT&T gave for reason... My suggestion. Call and complain, keep posting about it and if need be switch providers.... They seem to not care as much anymore. Which I dont get, not like they got people under contract...


This company needs to change big time for the better.

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