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Which Device Should I Use?


Which Device Should I Use?

1st off, I am glad to be a happy new U-Verse customer getting between 18-19 Mbps ever since Tuesday. It's awesome!


I have a question that I would like some help on. The install man asked me thi as well, and I didn't know what to do???


Before Uverse, I had ATT DSL running thru a Dlink DIR-655. Which I had an extended antenna and everything was great, except for the speed.


The tech asked me if I wanted to use my D-link or his router. I wanted it at least to be working with his router 1st and see how I like it so I told him his. Would I have been better off going with my D-Link or just staying as I am?


I have not really tested the length of the signal yet. My Dlink was great. I have a computer in my vehicle running off of an Gobi card and that sucker would switch from Verizon to my house about 6 houses before I got there.


Thanks for your help!

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Re: Which Device Should I Use?

I would recommend using the RG directly, without your D-Link, if you can.  Router-behind-router setups will work, but only with several caveats on U-Verse, and to me it's worth it to avoid those things if you can.


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Re: Which Device Should I Use?

Ok that sounds good. I do not know much about this router yet, but I will learn!


I did install the UVRT this morning and everything looks good, I think. I know my speeds are showing close to 18.0 Mbps!

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