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What do you make of this

What do you make of this

So many bizarre things going on with Uverse since last week. Not quite sure what to do. Here is the list.


First, I started having difficulty with wireless devices connecting to the RG. It works most of the time, but sometimes my Iphone and laptop simply cannot connect. A reboot of the RG always clears it up, but I'm having to do that once a day now.


Second, I started having intermittant problems watching recorded programs off the Non-DVR STB's. They would freeze, refuse to play etc.. Again, a reboot of the RG always cleared it up.


Now tonight, I was trying to watch a recorded show directly on the DVR and the picture would freeze. Eventually, the DVR would reboot itself. This happened twice. Then, after the second reboot, I noticed that it wasn't recording a scheduled show so I tried to press the record button, which did nothing. I highlighted the program in the guide and pressed OK. It told me that I had a conflict. I hit "Resolve Conflict" and the box rebooted itself again, this time presenting me with gears. I heard about the gears from the forum but never experienced the gears before. First there was one gear. Then two gears. Then one gear again. After 30 minutes or so, I pulled the plug on both the DVR and the RG and waited 5 minutes, plugged in the RV, plugged in the DVR and...


All of my recordings are gone!  Vanished!




It couldn't have been a complete disaster recovery because my scheduled shows were still intact. In fact, it's record them now like nothing happened, except all of my recordings are gone!


So, that's my story. My questions.


1) What root cause could account for all of these symptoms.

2) Do I need a new DVR?

3) I saw a reference to a firmware update. How can I tell if I had one pushed to me that destroyed my recordings. The version number on the DVR is the same as its been for months now.


4) What did the gears mean?


Anything else I need to know. Tech support will be here tomorrow so I could swap the now empty box and/or the RG. Necessary?



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Re: What do you make of this

If the DVR rebooted for no apparent reason and went through the gears process, it's highly likely that the hard drive is going bad.


I would have a premises tech come out and replace the DVR.


It is normal on a disaster recovery to lose recordings but retain recording schedules.  The schedules are stored in your account on AT&T's servers, not on the DVR.


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Re: What do you make of this

But that doesn't explain the wifi anomolies.. Coincidence that I'd have two high profile problems after three years of trouble free service?

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Re: What do you make of this

The WiFi problem is a separate issue.  There are many people reporting WiFi problems lately, but I personally believe that is just the 2Wire firmware's flakiness.


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Re: What do you make of this

So I'm still waiting on the AT&T guy but today, the box rebooted and I'm greeting with a big red "X" in the middle of the screen. I'm guessing that something is wrong with the box...

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Re: What do you make of this

Before it gets too late call and confirm that the tech is still coming.  It wold be a drag to go all day and then discover no one is coming.  Let us know what happens.


As for the other anomalies, in the past when people started reporting a specific issue in various regions something new was rolled out.

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Re: What do you make of this

Tech came, replaced the DVR and all is well. I'll miss my old recordings but I know that they found a better place in digital heaven.


Actually, all is better than it was before. He also replaced the RG. I have a new 3801HGV and the HD picture quality is noticably better than it was before.


The tech said a couple of curious things.


1) The new RG puts out a "stronger" signal which dramatically improves PQ on some TVs but causes pixelation in others.


2) The  RG has a problem with Vista and Windows 7 connecting wirelessly unless "WEP-OPEN" is the security setting in use.


3) The new RG supports wireless "N" even though it is not listed as a configuration option. They've been told that it will support wireless "N" any day now.


4) The tech confirmed that using the Ethernet port on both the DVR and the STB's, while not supported, doesn't hurt anything. He's been doing this for years.




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Re: What do you make of this

2Wire's product documentation specifically states that all 3000 series gateways support wireless G only.  Basically, the hardware does not have an N radio in it, so it cannot support wireless N.


A "stronger" signal is somewhat of a myth.  The 3801HGV has a better Coax/HPNA chipset in it that can overcome packet loss problems on coax.  If your coax network was marginal, then the upgrade from a 3800HGV-B to a 3801HGV could conceivably overcome those issues and result in a better picture.


Glad to hear that you new DVR is working! Smiley Wink


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Re: What do you make of this

Wrote to soon.


If I hit "record" on my STB, the STB will hang forever.   No further commands will be accepted until I reboot the STB. I can record just fine on the DVR box itself. I hardbooted the STB's but the same thing happens.




I called technical support and it turns out they've been having an issue with DVR swaps where the newly swapped DVR doesn't know it is a DVR. The tech is supposed to hit the pause key on the DVR following installation to test if it thinks it is a DVR. After reconfiguring on their end, all is well and the DVR knows it is a DVR.


I document this on the off chance that someone runs into something similar.



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Re: What do you make of this

Thanks for posting that info.  Hopefully it will help others with similar issues as yours.

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