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We need parental controls on this total DVR


We need parental controls on this total DVR

We need parental controls on this total DVR... i have 2 autistic children that now have to have their TV's taken away from them because you put a option i didnt want on all my recievers. Please fix this! I did nto want this, but im stuck with it! Toddlers, disabled chidren & other young kids have no idea what they are pressing, erasing or adding numerous shows causing problems to everyone in the hosuehold. freezing all the TVs. We cannot blame the children! Parental control it ASAP! or else im going to have to find another service that will.


Also, their should be a remote control only reciever available. Children may break and press in the buttons changing channels often.

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Re: We need parental controls on this total DVR

If I understand this correctly, may I suggest:


Place your DVR and other STB's in a closed or out of reach area and use the new point anywhere remote. Than just keep the remotes secure.



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Re: We need parental controls on this total DVR

I do sympathize with your problem, but this is a peer to peer forum, meaning that the people who frequent this forum are ordinary customers, just like you.  While some AT&T employees may read posts here from time to time, this forum is not meant to be an official communication channel with them, and they are not browsing the posts here in any official capacity.


To get a message directly to AT&T you may try contacting their corporate offices at the address given here:


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Re: We need parental controls on this total DVR

Can you erase a recording that is locked down by parental controls without providing a password?

I've never tried...time to experiment at home I guess.
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Re: We need parental controls on this total DVR

You mention parental controls, but describe a need for a childproof STB. There are many practical soutions to your problem without having to redesign the components. Just Google "childproof your home theater."

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Re: We need parental controls on this total DVR

Thanks for the info guys.



I have talked to 4 techs in the last 2 days and they tell me there's nothing "yet" designed to prevent the other basic receiver's from getting full DVR controls. The last one I talked to suggested I put something here, and email At& t directly as well to get some ideas and the word out that not everyone enjoys total DVR. None complains, then they feel nothing is needing fixing.


I have tried to hide the box from the autistic children, but when there's a channel needing to be changed they will do anything to get to a remote or that box to change it or they flip out. Hard to explain but its almost like having a toddler the size of a 10yr old. And VERY strong. THey are well behaved for the most part, but they have their moments when their brains are on fast mode. I had put the TV and box in the upper corner of room on a bracket (9ft ceilings) & they climbed up there moving furniture around and almost getting it all on their heads.


They seem to be doing better on not messing with the buttons so much, but they end up in the menu mode a lot on accident and don't know what they are pressing. That's how they end up on the DVR section. I had numerous scheduled recordings and they press whatever and accidentally erase them. OR when they are changing channels they accidentally press record and I have too many shows recording at once and the whole house ends up locking up for a while.


this is why I suggest a password/parental control for a lot more than just blocking a channel or on demand.

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Re: We need parental controls on this total DVR

How about a programmable remote that only has channel up / down and volume up / down programmed? No menu to get to. Then you set up that box to only have the channels allowed in the guide and they can change to any acceptable channel?



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