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Vnc behind uverse


Vnc behind uverse

Please Help.... 


I want to have the ability to VNC into my machine remotely. Along with a handful of other things I use, plex, back to my mac, remote access to the time capsule HDD,  ect. I had this all setup before perfectly with Time Warner using a account and my time capsule (worked flawlessly)


Unfortunately I am stuck using Uverse in my new apartment with a 2wire router/modem as it's my only ISP option.


I have a time capsule plugged into the 2wire (3801HVG) and the only way I can get VNC to work (port 5900) is to put my machine into DMZ mode and the time capsule in bride mode. I'm just afraid that this will be not very secure even with the software firewall turned on in my system prefs. With this setup my machine has the same public IP as the 2wire– essentially does not have a private ip. -"hello world here is my iMac!"


Although with this setup I went to and after testing various random ports it could only see me on 5900. Which is exactly what I want but I'm still worried about my iMac's ip being the same as my public ip.


I tried to port forward just the port I want to use in the settings for the 2wire ( but it does not connect. Only if I put the machine in DMZ mode does it work.


I've tried so many different setups and spent hours digging through the interwebs and I just cannot seem to make it happen.


things I've tried / info you should know:


1. disabling routing all together on the 2wire (not possible with my model I found out)

2. tried separately putting both devices in DMZ mode (my machine, time capsule)

3. forwarding ports on 2wire and time capsule

4. time capsule in bridge mode, sharing a public ip, distributing a range of ip's

5. I also have the wireless function of the 2wire router off

6. I have tv through them as well

7. I put in my own DNS servers from

8. called ATT and they attempted to open the ports for me which worked at first then I realized they put my machine in DMZ mode, then they transferred me to another company who wanted to charge me $150 for a week of support. (yuck)


Is there anyone out there that could point me in the right direction to the best way to set this up? Or is it safe having my public ip the same as my iMacs?


Thanks in advance.



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