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Uverse v DSL


Uverse v DSL



I had ATT DSL before switching to Uverse. I'm a technical consultant for HP, so don't worry about throwing jargons my way. With DSL, I had a G router, no problems with speed, then purchased an N (of course even better). When, I switched to Uverse (6MB), there's a considerable lag. Bandwidth testing can range from 2.8MB/s to max. I have three machines, two PCs and a MAC, all suffering. I called support and of course all they do is read scripts that are all amateur BS.


My question is, is it my distance from an ATT substation? Has anyone had this problem? I refuse put my old router behind their POS Uverse router. I'm paying for a service.


One last question, should I switch back to DSL?


Thanks everyone!

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Re: Uverse v DSL

If you want N speeds, you're going to have to hook up your router behind the RG. Regardless of what any tech support person tells you, the RG that is provided with UVerse is not N rated.  Distance from the vrad would limit  you to what you can recieve depending on how far, 12 would be the highest if you were too far away.

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Re: Uverse v DSL

Okay HP jargon man ...


As the last poster said, if you want 802.11n, you must provide your own router that has an 802.11n radio in it.  The 2wire RG provided by AT&T supports only 802.11b/g.  Many have found that a router behind router setup will improve your performance - both via providing 802.11n wireless benefits, as well as the additional router managing your various PC clients will offload some of the memory and CPU requirements from the RG - net net, increasing your performance.


Specific to the Uverse vs DSL - in many markets, once Uverse is installed, my understanding is that all data services are then delivered via the new vDSL circuits from the vRAD.  So I'm not so sure if you can merely purchase an old school DSL cricuit from the local (and soon to be deprecated) DSLAM.  You might.  But more to the point, for AT&T's Uverse video/data bundled product, the systems introduce about a 7 ms additional latency to allow more error correction in the underlying circuits.  Translation - your Uverse vDSL based services will be a bit more latent (aprpox 7 ms), have higher potential throughput (>34 megs downstream to your premise - allowing up to 24 meg internet services to be sold), have lower jitter ... than the older DSL based data products.  So it's a win for streaming applications (VOIP, IPTV), a win for big downloads (FTP), but a loss for gamers and chatty latency sensitive applications (SMBv1 file transfers).


However, since most internet destinations will be between 40 - 100 ms from your home ... the additional 7 ms won't be noticeable to anyone but the most serious gamer.  The lower jitter and lower packet loss, combined with higher throughput - will in most cases - bring faster, more stable, more satisfying performance.  You will find that wireless LAN access in your home will typically add 5 - 25 ms right there - over using a wire (typically < 1 ms).


So, you SHOULD NOT be seeing excessive lag - unless you have a wireless interference or network contention issue inside your network.  My suggestion for the fastest way to feret out where the problem is - would be to connect one of your machines via a wire to the RG, and run some speed tests - perhaps and compare your results to the same machine run via your wireless connection.


If it's slow on wireless, but fast and consistent wired - then you know your problem is between your wireless AP and your wireless client - and you can continue to trouble shoot accordingly.  Most probable issue is wireless interference or extreme distance - or solid objects (like bricks, metal or EMR near your AP.)




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Re: Uverse v DSL

We had major TV problems when we switched to UVerse...from DSL/Satellite.  Ours was the old 2 conductor used to deliver service (un-twisted).  They replaced it with UTP to standards and it worked great.


Not sure if it would affect UVerse internet...but it definitely affected UVerse TV.

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