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Uverse Quality


Uverse Quality

I have had uverse for about two weeks.  We have had the repairman out 3 times and the fourth time will be tomorrow.  They keep telling me that the problem is fixed but so far no luck.  The first two times we lost TV, phone and internet.  This time we are only having problems with the TV.


Is this typical of U-verse quality?  Has anyone else experienced such horrendous quality? To make matters worse, each time I call in it takes around 45 - 50 minutes to get to someone who will talk to me.  Comcast wasn't perfect but it was at least consistent. 


If this is typical of U-verse, please let me know.  I hope I wasn't promised a bill of goods and no follow-up.


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Re: Uverse Quality

What kind of TV problems are you having? If you would like, download the Uverse Realtime app. Post results for IP Profile, Error Table, Bitloading and Coax/HPNA. Someone will be along to check the stats and advise you further.

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Re: Uverse Quality

Follow jfw's suggestion about SJ's realtime, it can uncover many problems that can be addressed to get your service fixed.  I've had very good Uverse TV/internet service going on 3 years here in metro Detroit. Smiley Wink



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Re: Uverse Quality

I say the same I've had Uverse a few Months 6 techs came out different issues and Now Uverse is getting better with every fix. It's going on 6 Months now.

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Re: Uverse Quality

Sometimes there are installs that take a number of visits from techs to get the service right.  Other times it only takes one.  There are so many variables with IPTV that I don't think a cookie cutter approach can be taken where installs are concerned.  As long as ATT is willing to work to get the issues resolved that's all a sub can ask for.  Except getting the issues worked out asap.  And then the skill set of the installing tech comes in to play also.

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