Uverse Phone & Internet Install-Problem after Problem!!!


Uverse Phone & Internet Install-Problem after Problem!!!

At the time of this posting ATT has about 24 hours to resolve my problem or I'm calling another service like Charter for Internet. I have never experienced so many run arounds and so little knowledge about a product that a company is selling. I agree with another post I read here.... Did someone say ATT was a communication company???


 I just have to vent here, because I am so frustrated. This all began when I decided to purchase ATT Uverse Internet for my Mom because I bought her a Nook for Christmas. She needed wireless and only had ATT hardwired DSL. Here is what happened:


  1. Ordered ATT Uverse Internet and Phone on 12/20 with 24.99 promotion for Internet and Uverse phone with a promise that it would not cost my Mom one penny over a set amount (somewhere in the low 60s).
  2. Self Install Package arrives and I hook up Gateway & backup as indicated right before Christmas at Mom's house. All is good. Phone works, Internet works.
  3. Dec. 26. Technician calls and tells my Mom it is not working right. He has to come to her house. He arrives, (bills her $149.00 unknown to us at the time), knocks down her mailbox & post in concrete (during a  snow storm) and spends two hours doing something in her house??, not sure what, but whatever he did made the phones stop working, so he had to spend two hours to make them work. Nice man, Mom liked him.  Everything was working when he left. So... we THOUGHT all was good.
  4. Got the bill February 1 for $346.00!!! I was expecting about $163.00 with a rebate of 100 heading our way.
  5. Called Billing... Now here is where it REALLY gets good...
  • I am told that ATT didn't give Mom Uverse Phone, only Uverse Internet (even though there were 3 phones calls with one representative  about the original order making sure she had both for a low price).
  • I am told that Mom must still have a landline phone (what did the tech do to our phones for 2 hours???). 
  • I am told that the tech charged us 149.00 (again, it was to work on the phones)
  • I am told that they didn't give my Mom the 24.99 promotion so she is charged 45.00 for TWO months.
  • I am told that we don't qualify for the 100 rebate because ... get this.... I don't have both Uverse Phone AND Uverse Internet. And that is what the rebate center told me.. (and I called twice).

6. So, stupid me, I tell ATT that I want the Uverse phone and Uverse Internet,  so set that up to work and give me my rebate and credit me for tech coming (whom I did not call because it was working!!!) and credit me 40 for the over billing for the promotion I was suppose to get.  The billing guy says OK.... we'll give you a 189.00 credit.

7. I check for the next several days online and no credit... (no surprise)

8. Now the Uverse phone package arrives at my Mom's house on Friday evening. She opens it. Guess what. It is a backup exactly like the first one we received. Perhaps it is really a special phone hookup in disguise just set to confuse me!

9. I go on chat to ask about this equipment.. to find out if I am suppose to get a duplicate backup to make my phones work... I am told to call Billing, they will know. I call Billing, I am sent to a technician.  I talk to a technician who says that I need Uverse.... Does anybody work there at ATT that knows what is going on???

10. Now today is Sunday and so I finally get a super nice guy in technical support that understands my problem. He agrees that everything is really messed up and can't figure out how they messed up either. He looks up the original order and finds that the spelling is SOOO bad that he can't read what it says.  No wonder my order is so messed up. No one can read the order!  He spent a long time trying to see the problem.But he can't fix the problem. He suggests that I NOT hook up the new backup.

11. When I go to my Mom's Uverse account online, it says we have Uverse Phone. On the technician's end that I talked to today, it shows no Uverse phone.


So, tomorrow I will call Billing/Sales again and tell them to keep their Uverse Phone Service and we will keep the Landline phone through ATT.  And I am advising my Mom to pay the 63.00 (approx) when the bill is due for her Landline and her Uverse Internet and that is all she is to pay. And if I can't get someone to resolve this tomorrow, I am calling Charter and telling Uverse to call me when they grow up.


And they want me to drop my Dishnetwork and go to Uverse TV... HA HA....


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Re: Uverse Phone & Internet Install-Problem after Problem!!!

Your problems are so complicated you should contact David before you cancel U-verse phone service. He is an AT&T employee who solves difficult problems such as your's. Send him an email and follow the directions in the below link starting with, "Problems w/Uverse..", and someone from his team will contact you. They have an excellent track record and should not only be able to have your U-verse internet/phone working correctly but also have the financial problems straightened out.




Your problems will not be fixed tomorrow but in order to have your billing problems worked out it would pay to contact David.


Good luck.




If you get to thinking you're a person of influence, try ordering someone else's dog around.

Need help? Contact AT&T at 800-288-2020.
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Re: Uverse Phone & Internet Install-Problem after Problem!!!

Thanks for your reply and your advice. I have printed out your suggestion to contact David. I forgot to mention that I was advised by the tech I talked with today to call Retensions. I have a number for them and plan to call first thing in the morning to make sure my Mom doesn't loose her phone service tomorrow (she is 80) and cannot be without her phone. The box that came in the mail said she would lose phone service tomorrow if she didn't follow the directions.


After I see what happens with that, I'll contact David with the info you gave me. Thanks! I'll post back what happens.

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Re: Uverse Phone & Internet Install-Problem after Problem!!!

I understand and some say you may have better luck with sales instead of retentions in trying to get some of your money back, or to straighten things out. And no, I'm not telling you to call sales to try and set you up with TV service. LOL.


Can relate to your problems because I'm constantly helping out my 90 year old Mom with her computer and internet/cable services.


Good luck and keep us posted how it turns out. Smiley Happy


PS. Maybe your Mom uses a computer if you are ordering her internet. I downloaded a free "LogMeIn" program where I take remote control of my Mom's computer all the time to straighten out her email and fix other problems. I talk to her on the phone while doing this and it works great, just to let you know.


If you get to thinking you're a person of influence, try ordering someone else's dog around.

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Re: Uverse Phone & Internet Install-Problem after Problem!!!

Thanks for the tip on the remote access to my Mom's computer. I will definitely  try it out.


Here is an update on problems I have had with Uverse. I THINK we might have most everything solved...finally.


I called Retentions department and got someone who told me I needed to talk to someone in Tier 2 (Just like you said). Smiley Happy So I was put through to Tier 2 and talked to a technician who worked on my issue to get the Uverse Phone working through the Gateway. I was told that if I connected the Gateway to the phone jack in the wall that all the phones in the house would work. Well... that didn't work. The phones throughout the house (plugged into the phone jacks) had a dial tone and could call out, but no one could call in... unless I connected a phone to the gateway. Apparently the wiring from the first tech that had come out was not complete..maybe not his fault since the original order for Uverse phone had not been entered into their system correctly.


So I called back and this time I asked for Tier 2 and was put through to another Tier 2 tech who took some time checking things out and finally said that we needed a tech to come to the house.  I made sure it was noted on the bill that we were NOT to be charged again. Fortunately, a tech was available to come out two hours later (he came at 7:00 last night) and he was able (after trying several things) to track down the problem. When he left, everything was finally working. All the phones in the house plugged into the phone jacks were working correctly.


But  logging into the internet last night showed that we still had the huge $346.00 bill!  However, when I logged into the account this morning, the credit I had been promised had appeared thanks to one of the 10 people I talked to I guess. Now the bill is correct, but still showing the extra 100 for equipment.


So, if what I was told holds true (not holding my breath yet), I  have to wait one month to call the rebate center and make sure we get our $100.00 rebate for having both Uverse Phone and Internet. And I will have to make sure we are being charged the promotional rate of 24.99 for the 12 mbps of internet for a year.  If both of these things happen, then we FINALLY we have what we were promised.


Whew....   Feeling a bit relieved, but cautiously.


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Re: Uverse Phone & Internet Install-Problem after Problem!!!

Good deal and sounds like things are working out. As you found, Tier 2 is way beyond Tier 1 for getting problems solved and things accomplished. Also nice you had a good prem Tech to work out the phone problems.


Instead of calling the Rewards Center you can check for your rebate ($100 gift card) online at the below link. Normally posted 4-6 weeks after install and once posted you have 30 days to redeem it.



Your welcome on the LogMeIn tip. Below is a link to the program and make sure you sign up, or download, the free version. You will need to download it onto your Mom's computer and enter an email address, IP address & password. You do not need the program on your computer and you just go into the LogMeIn site to sign in remotely with her email address and password. I ended up spending so much time leading my Mom through things I even bought an inexpensive $12 headset from Amazon to plug into my phone and keep my hands free for my computer. It works great.



They may try and give you a 30 day free trial of LogMeIn Pro and you can try and get around it. Even if you end up with Pro there is no way for them to charge you for it and it just cancels out after 30 days.


I somehow ended up with Pro on my desktop which I downloaded to control by my laptop. Like I said it just went away after 30 days and I wasn't even bugged about buying the program when it cancelled. It just went back to the free version.


Good luck and let us know how the rest of your issues turn out. Smiley Happy




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Re: Uverse Phone & Internet Install-Problem after Problem!!!

Thanks SO much for the details about the LogMeIn website. This is great.


And thanks for the tip on the rewards website. That is so much better than having to call and talk to someone. I do like doing things for myself.



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Re: Uverse Phone & Internet Install-Problem after Problem!!!

Your more than welcome. I know Mom's, of our's ages, can get so frustrated in trying to figure things out on computer/email over the phone. And in turn I became very frustrated in trying to explain things to her. Believe you'll both really like LogMeIn and it makes life a whole lot easier all the way around. Smiley Wink


If you end up with any problems, or specific questions, about the program you can send me a PM (private message) by clicking on the envelope at the top right part of this screen and enter my user name in. When there's a message waiting it will be a yellow envelope.


Good luck with your rewards. Smiley Happy


PS. When you have remote control over your mom's computer you will see a small screen of her screen. Be sure and hit maximize at the top right of her screen so it will fill yours. You may also want to have her move her curser off of the screen while you are moving yours and explaining things. When I first set my Mom up she wanted to follow my curser around with hers. It drove me nuts because I couldn't tell which was which. Smiley Very Happy




If you get to thinking you're a person of influence, try ordering someone else's dog around.

Need help? Contact AT&T at 800-288-2020.
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