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Uverse Constant Lag Spikes


Uverse Constant Lag Spikes

Just got Uservse installed this week and since I have had it, its been nothing but a headache. Any game I try playing on my PC, I get constant Lag Pockets of 3-4 secs every 45 secs. It is ********* annoying. Anything live stream is just a constant lag pocket every 45 secs, no matter what. Even on browsing the internet, if I catch it on a page request, I see a lag in the page load.


I have the Uverse realtime, through my searching, I found where this might help diagnosis the problem. But, I do not know what I am looking at on the page.


Here is a screen shot of the Bitload Map and a screen shot of rate.


I have the 12mb internet package and since its on a wireless signal, my computer is outside of its really short signal range. I had to buy a 16' USB jump cable to move my receiver closer into the signal range which improved it slightly. But it still did not change the lap spikes that constantly happen every 45-60 secs.


Anyone have an idea of how to fix this? I have updated my network drivers and all other drivers, tried moving my card to within range of the stupid short signal. But nothing seems to fix the spikes, which almost happen as if the wireless box sends out its signal intermittently.


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Re: Uverse Constant Lag Spikes

Two options:


1. Check SomeJoe's Wireless interference thread to improve the signal:


2. Hook up the computer directly by ehternet and bypass wireless as it'll never be as stable as ethernet.  Good luck Smiley Wink



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Re: Uverse Constant Lag Spikes

Looking into the other thread now. As to the second part, I would love to hardwire it, but I am on the 2nd floor and the line runs into the basement on the opposite side of the house. Basically meaning I would have to run a wire over the droptile ceiling in the basement and figure a way to snake a Cat5 cable up two floors just to get it close. So hardwiring is pretty much not an option.


If I would have realized how much of a pita this internet was going to be I would have never upgraded to it. I am just dumb founded on why the box sends out an intermittent signal.

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Re: Uverse Constant Lag Spikes

The bitloading graph looks like there may be an issue with the line, possibly a bridge tap.  A bridge tap is an extra length of wire attached to your pair that doesn't terminate anywhere. It is usually left over from a previous customer that used your pair. Bridge taps cause problems with xDSL services.

You should call technical support, have them send a premises tech to your house to check the line. He should open a helper ticket with the Installation and Maintenance group (I&M), which are the linesmen, to come find and remove the bridge tap.

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Re: Uverse Constant Lag Spikes

It seems the general consensus on the forums is that there is no fix.  I personaly have horrible lag spikes almost constantly while playing any online game, to the point my games are unplayable.  Which is why I hope to switch ASAP off this god awful "internet" service AT&T "provides".


My only advice is switch providers, AT&T doesn't cut it.

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