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Uverse 3800 HG Router limited wireless connection


Uverse 3800 HG Router limited wireless connection

In our household we had three IPOD touches, two laptop computers, a Desktop, a XBOX 360, and a Wii all connecting wirelessly to our Uverse 3800HG router.  We did not have any issues with connectivity.  Around Christmas we added two Netbooks and a PS3 which all connected fine for the first few weeks.  Recently we are not able to establish connections to the router simultaneously.  It is as though we have a wireless connection limit on this router.  It is not that our internet connection becomes slow when the devices connect but rather that devices are kicked off of the router as additional devices join the network.  I see the network disconnect occur on my laptop and the IPODs clearly show the lost connection.  I have tried rebooting the router but this does not solve the problem.  I looked through the wireless settings available on the home page for the router but I am really only able to change the channel and security protocals so I don't know the proper solution.  I have other friend who have Uverse and game with as many as 10 other device connections with no issues of being kicked off the router.  Any ideas???



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Re: Uverse 3800 HG Router limited wireless connection

You might try the following:


1. Go to this web page on the 2Wire RG:

2. Disable the "Wi-Fi Protected Setup" option.

3. Reboot the RG.


See if this helps in allowing wireless devices to connect.


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Re: Uverse 3800 HG Router limited wireless connection

Did this start around this past Sunday? I've read a lot of people suffering this problem and many started recently. I was told there might have been a bios update that has messed up some people's ATT box. In my thread, I posted the solution that works but is unsatisfactory and is making me leave Uverse on my next vacation. Here is the thread:
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