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Use of network switches


Use of network switches

Our uverse installation went well last week.  We have 4 stbs and the dvr all on cat5 lines, no coax.  The premise tech used one of our older Netgear FS 5 port (non-gigabyte) switches to hook up the six separate cat 5 lines coming out of the RG (one line has computers only with no stb).  He used his Netgear GS105 from the truck to hook up the dvr with our media center mac mini and Roku box at our plasma tv.  I added another GS105 on a stb line for a slingbox.  My question is this:

Should a GS105/8 be used as the initial switching feed from the RG instead of my old FS switch?  Should all of the switches be GS level?  I am thinking of adding another switch on a cat5 line that serves just one stb but in that location it would be convienent to have another line out for a laptop hookup.


Otherwise (except for a couple of short freezes) the system is working well with provisioning of 3HD/1SD.  We are close to the VRAD.  My existing LAN is fully functional and I finally got the slingbox to work both locally and from the internet.

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Re: Use of network switches

The GS105 was needed for TVs cause it has 802.1p(riority), your older switch does not have that.   It's needed so you don't have a TV picture w/interruptions.  The FS105 will work alright w/anything but TV (some have posted the non-gigabit switches have worked just fine w/TV too). :smileywink:



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Re: Use of network switches

Thanks.  Still wondering if that initial switch at the RG should be a gigabit 802.1p.

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Re: Use of network switches


don731 wrote:

Thanks.  Still wondering if that initial switch at the RG should be a gigabit 802.1p.

Absolutely if it feeds any STB .


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