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Ubuntu Linux

I am running a laptop with Ubuntu ver. 8.04 and I am having trouble connecting to home network. The wireless connection when scanned is not being found.

Does anyone know if i have to run any scripts or configure anything else?





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Re: Ubuntu Linux

Does the connection work fine with other compters? Have you tried entering the information manually rather than searching?
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Re: Ubuntu Linux

I had exactly the same problem today: I am running a dual boot XP and Ubuntu 9.4 on my laptop. In the past this has been fine. But today I lost wireless contact on both Ubuntu and XP. I fianlly called Uverse and they restored the wireless address. But when I went back to Linux, after about an hour, I lost the connection...again both in Ubuntu and XP. (This is not a problem with my ethernet connected desktop where I am doing the same dual booting.)


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