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UVerse Realtime troubleshooting help please..


UVerse Realtime troubleshooting help please..



I've had constant problems for a year now since UVerse was installed (3 Routers, 3 DVRs, and 2 STBs replaced plus a whole house rewire AND evan a Fiber Port change at the VRAD!).


I've had to take troubleshooting into my own hands as it seems ATT wants to do nothing but change out equipment and have me power cycle and/or restore equipment to defaults.


I'm posting some image links here from the U-Verse Realtime program.


The only one that I know has problems is the Error table.  It at least caught the system going down yesterday.  It is here:



Here are 2 more:




I can also post logs from the RG if needed.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!  I'm almost at ends with it, but I love the UVerse system when it works right!!!






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Re: UVerse Realtime troubleshooting help please..

Since there doesn't appear to be anything wrong with the line, the next place that should be looked at is an interference issue.


There are many things that can interfere with the U-Verse signal, both inside and outside your house. Examples:

- Bad ballast on fluorescent lights, security lights, any gas-discharge lighting like mercury vapor. Sometimes, it may not even be in your house, it might be a street light outside.
- Ham radio or AM radio stations that are nearby.
- Bad power supplies in a multitude of different pieces of equipment. Can be in the U-Verse devices, or could be in different devices.
- Improper grounding of the phone system, including poor grounds at the NID or pedestal.
- Improper grounding of the house electrical system, including poor grounds at the electrical outlets feeding the U-Verse equipment or the breaker box.

You probably should start with a U-Verse tech and have him check for these things, as well as the U-Verse equipment itself.

After that, you might need to get more creative to find any potential sources of interference, like systematically unplugging/disconnecting electrical devices in your home.


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Re: UVerse Realtime troubleshooting help please..



I've actually got the RG in a closet with a florescent light just 2 feet away, and I actually have the district manager of techs coming out soon to look at things (I stood fast on the phone and politely demanded that they send someone to troubleshoot, not just replace things).


Maybe I'll suggest having him move the RG to a different location to begin with.


Thanks again!

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