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U-verse and Zone Alarm...again


U-verse and Zone Alarm...again



I have turned off the hardware firewall in the gateway/router to allow all applications thru....


I have tried everything I can think of to add IP's to the firewall set-ip:


It picked up my IP ok

It picked up (and I confirmed) the DHCP and DNS server.


I did see in the gateway/router a different set of "Primary and Secondary DNS" IP's, so I added those too as "trusted" (even though ipconfig /all showed something else, in any case, I have both sets now).


I set up an IP range that covered every IP number that could be assigned to all the devices in the gateway/router.


The PROBLEM I keep running into is when the ZA firewall is on (and I know it is a firewall issue because the problem STOPS when I turn it off), is that I keep losing and reacquiring my internet connection.......connects......few minutes later it drops......then it automatically reconnects.......etc. (repeat pattern here).


ZA support is at a loss.......UVERSE support Level 2 is at a loss (and of course they don't support your firewall but they graciously tried to help anyway).


I have run out of ideas....anyone?

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Re: U-verse and Zone Alarm...again

Update: I noticed that when I did the IPCONFIG IP address was slightly different then my Default Gateway address.


ZA when you look at the firewall zones was using the DEFAULT GATEWAY for its "New Network". Normally I thought it was supposed to use your real IP?


You cannot modify the "New Network" as ZA picks that up on it's own. But I did add an IP RANGE using the real IP from .0 thru .255


So far, it has not dropped connection (crosses fingers) it's been over an hour......I normally didn't last more then 5 minutes.

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Re: U-verse and Zone Alarm...again

Looks like you found a solution to your problem.  Good job.
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Re: U-verse and Zone Alarm...again

After a weekend of no dropped internet, I'd agree. THANK YOU all for your help and suggestions!

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