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U-verse and Zone Alarm...again


U-verse and Zone Alarm...again



I have turned off the hardware firewall in the gateway/router to allow all applications thru....


I have tried everything I can think of to add IP's to the firewall set-ip:


It picked up my IP ok

It picked up (and I confirmed) the DHCP and DNS server.


I did see in the gateway/router a different set of "Primary and Secondary DNS" IP's, so I added those too as "trusted" (even though ipconfig /all showed something else, in any case, I have both sets now).


I set up an IP range that covered every IP number that could be assigned to all the devices in the gateway/router.


The PROBLEM I keep running into is when the ZA firewall is on (and I know it is a firewall issue because the problem STOPS when I turn it off), is that I keep losing and reacquiring my internet connection.......connects......few minutes later it drops......then it automatically reconnects.......etc. (repeat pattern here).


ZA support is at a loss.......UVERSE support Level 2 is at a loss (and of course they don't support your firewall but they graciously tried to help anyway).


I have run out of ideas....anyone?

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Re: U-verse and Zone Alarm...again

Uninstall and reinstall ZA?
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Re: U-verse and Zone Alarm...again

Oh well now ya know that would be just to easy. In any case, I have un-installed and re-installed a few times just for good measure. I even got instructions from ZA on how to manually verify all files have been removed just to be sure it was truly clean before re-installing. There have even been two main Zone Alarm engine upgrades that have had no effect on this problem.


I have had Zone Alarm forever, back when I had dial-up......and no issues


When I had SBC DSL........and no issues


Now that I have UVERSE "something" is happening. If I turn off the firewall and use it as an expensive "Antivirus/antispam" checker, and just use the windows XP firewall, no issues. Turn on that ZA firewall though.....and then it gets ugly.

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Re: U-verse and Zone Alarm...again

I have ZA setup on my wireless laptop and desktop computers.  You have done this but I will ask anyway.  Have you checked your settings?  Is your firewall set to hide computer from users?  Is your internet lock set to automatic?  Sorry if these questions are upsetting you.  I am trying to help.
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Re: U-verse and Zone Alarm...again

I'm so desperate you can ask me how a chair whould be shaped if my legs bent the other way.......but I digress.


You asked:


Is your firewall set to hide computer from users?  Yes.


Is your internet lock set to automatic? The only "lock" I am aware of is the "panic button" at the top of the ZA screen if you click on it to immediately halt your internet access if you believe you are under attack. Should I be looking somewhere else?


Oddly enough, I forgot this until you mentioned it, I DO have the same ZA Pro installed on a laptop and it has no issues at all while connected wirelessly when using it in my home. The one-and-only desktop is hardwired to the gateway/router, although what difference this makes I do not know.


The ZA support said.......have you ever looked in the logs when the connection dropped to see if at that very moment, it blocked an IP? See if it was one of your critical needed ones? (GOOD IDEA (insert DOH here).....I'll have to try that later)


Still, any more thoughts you have are appreciated.

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Re: U-verse and Zone Alarm...again

Go to program control in za and see if automatic off is turned on or off.  It is on turn it off.

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Re: U-verse and Zone Alarm...again

re: Go to program control in za and see if automatic off is turned on or off.  It is on turn it off.


OK, I'll have to re-look in there. I know it lists all the programs I access and shows their "trust" level and authorities, but a generic "overall" setting for the lock in there? THIS I will have to look for........


Thank you, will let you know what I find.......

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Re: U-verse and Zone Alarm...again

On second thought..........even if it DID automatically lock on some determined incident.......does the lock "turn off" automatically?


As when I drop connection, I reconnect immediately.

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Re: U-verse and Zone Alarm...again

My ZA plays nice with my UV both wired and wirlessly. It might be just your set up. Good Luck. Have you tried Google?
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Re: U-verse and Zone Alarm...again

The big unknown for me, and this is because I have never used it, is what is the interval for the auto lock to engage and disengage.  I would think that if it is set to auto there is a way to set when it locks or unlocks, and if it is on then that could be the reason why your connection is dropped and reconnected. IMHO
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Re: U-verse and Zone Alarm...again

Silly person that I am, I tried working with ZA technical support - tier 2, specifically. They really ARE (evein still) trying to help me. The UVERSE suport gave me the idea for "trying" the UVERSE forum, which HAS given me some ideas.


If your a ZA user then you were impacted by the microsoft patch I can't be 100% sure.......BUT....I swear things went downhill after that........that was "around" when I got my UVERSE service.....did I have the problem BEFORE or after it? I'm not 100% sure.


In any case ZA issues a new-and-improved version to deal with that..........but I'm still having problems.


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Re: U-verse and Zone Alarm...again

The possibility that I have accidently set this auto-lock somewhere I didn't expect, well, anything is possible.


IF this autolock is turning off, seconds, after it is tripped by something.......well then that's just plain silly. Even if it did think there was some attack going on, they rarely end within seconds :-)


But, I will STILL look for this.....

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Re: U-verse and Zone Alarm...again

Call me crazy, but it sounds almost as though ZA is thinking it is getting hit with a DoS attack.  I am not a ZA user, but are there any custom configs such that you could turn off just its attempts at sensing / blocking DoS attacks?  Is your PC plugged directly (wired) into the RG, or do you have another switch in place?


I have heard of other users having some issues with what sound like packet floods - which I assume are coming from various equipment not playing nice with the multi-cast stuff happening on the RG. Perhaps there is a high rate of packets getting broadcast - and hitting your ZA protected PC - which triggers the ZA PC to block / go into protection mode.


I suspect the RG would not broadcast those same packets over the wireless segment. But who knows.


Just a thought.

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Re: U-verse and Zone Alarm...again

OK, here we go again.....


Checked PROGRAM CONTROL and the "automatic lock" was OFF.


I cleared the FIREWALL log and turned back on the ZA firewall and dropped in front of me and immediately reconnected and not one entry in the firewall log showing a blocked IP.


If it was a DoS attack, I'd expect my ability to use the internet would be rather or entirely impaired. Everything else "seems" to be operating just fine.

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Re: U-verse and Zone Alarm...again

Oh and my apologies to the last User who asked me questions for not answering them.


The RG is directly wired in and is on the same table as the desktop.


I DO think there is some miscommunication going on between the RG and what ZA "thinks" it knows. But I do have the hardware firewall in the RG turned off. All the other options in the RG that help stop attacks I have turned off as well. I WANTED ZA to get it all........and it would rule out two roosters in the hen house fighting over the connection.


But, no luck so seems there is still a conflict.

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