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U-Verse remote/box very sluggish?

Re: U-Verse remote/box very sluggish?

DeMorgan wrote:

Back on the infrared topic, while experiencing sluggish response, I notice on more than one occasion that the dvr "thought" it had received some kind of codes that were not on the remote control.  I saw on more than one occasion that the dvr box itself muted the audio and had put its own mute graphic on the picture.  Also, I saw a volume level set to 25% that was also being generated by the dvr, not my TV.  The only way to get the audio unmuted was to either walk over to the unit and try to get the menu to the restart level or to disconnect power to the dvr and reboot.  Anyone know about these "hidden" codes?  Or how to duplicate them?  (Maybe combination key presses or something?)

I too was a long time DishNetwork customer and am very frustrated by the switch to Uverse.  I have had all the issues described by people in this thread.  The biggest issue is with mis-read commands where I press the button for one function and a different response is done.  For instance, I press the "info" button and the Uverse box turns on its internal mute.  I will check on the interference HD TV interference issues posted but I am looking into a RF/IR receiver for my URC MX-800 so I don't have to worry about it anymore.


What I have done so far to fix the mute issue is to reset the AT&T Uverse remote to factory settings (see the Uverse Remote Help for instructions) and then it will operate the Uverse box's volume and mute functions.  I operate the box and all other components using a URC progammable remote control so I don't care if the Uverse remote can't opeate my TV anymore.


Tech support, after several wasted hours of frustrating explanation and troubleshooting, is sending me a new remote.  Once I have replicated the issues they will send me a new box.  After reading this thread I am hopeful that it is the interference from the TV and the RF/IR repeater system will fix all problems.  We'll see.

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Re: U-Verse remote/box very sluggish?

very horrible sluggish since these dishnetwork black remotes are not sluggish at all on the old dp301? so what gives?


I'm thinking u-verse needs to come up off some better remotes. i will post videos of this poor response at 1", 6" , 12" , 36", 72" 20ft. all the same. pretty much drops input randomly so much that the receiver experience is spoiled.

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Re: U-Verse remote/box very sluggish?

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