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U-Verse/SlingBox/IPhone Set-up Advice


U-Verse/SlingBox/IPhone Set-up Advice

Here's what I'm working with:


-2 IPhones

-1 Cable UVerse cable box(?) and HD cable service.


I am completely new to the slingbox experience. Since me and the lady are either together or one is at work and one is home watching tv or what not, I'm thinking I'd only need one slingbox as to not interfere with here and or whatever the kids are watching.


So what do I need to do? Get the slingbox solo or slingbox hd? Do I need to order another separate cable box just to be used with the slingbox? Does it cost more to have another box? What is the best slingbox setup? Are there better alternatives than slingbox to stream my cable service to my IPhone?


Currently I'm subscribed to Hulu's plus service to watch shows on my IPhone but since even a paid Hulu service still includes commercials and missing a lot of what I'm already paying for with the U_Verse service I thought that slingbox would be the best solution. This would be especially helpful when I'm at work and there's some sports event going on that I'd normally be unable to view.




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Re: U-Verse/SlingBox/IPhone Set-up Advice



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Re: U-Verse/SlingBox/IPhone Set-up Advice

I don't Sling, but maybe some info here might help?

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