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U-Verse Realtime v1.3.0.0


U-Verse Realtime v1.3.0.0

U-Verse Realtime v1.3.0.0 is released.

The program (.exe installer) may be downloaded here.


If you have already installed v1.2.x.x, you can install this version on top of it and it will upgrade.  Those versions will also auto-update to this new version.


U-Verse Realtime is a standalone program that can retrieve information from a typical residential installation of the AT&T U-Verse IPTV system. Some of the information displayed consists of VDSL line analysis, network interface data rates, DVR information, and STB channel and stream information. This program requires that your U-Verse Residential Gateway (the 2Wire 3800HGV) be running firmware version only. Previous versions will not work with this program.


U-Verse Realtime v1.3.0.0 is the evolution of the previous program, 2WireRealtime. The new features added to UVerse Realtime expand its functionality beyond simply looking at statistics from the 2Wire 3800HGV router, so the program was renamed to better reflect its scope. 2WireRealtime will not auto-update to U-Verse Realtime, you must download the new installer.


A significant improvement in this version is the elimination of the requirement to be directly connected to the RG.  Also, the large amount of IPTV traffic that was generated to the computer running U-Verse Realtime is no longer present.


Fixes and New Features


  • Change STB detection method to use SSDP packets vice IGMP
  • Remove IGMP query packet generation
  • Eliminate requirement to be directly-connected to the RG
  • Eliminate large bandwidth usage to computer running UVRT
  • Streams Analysis now tracks WAN streams, DVR Ingress streams, and DVR Egress streams
  • STBs and Channels now tracks which streams are being watched and recorded
  • STBs and Channels now tracks separately if a STB is watching VOD or Recorded TV separately from "Off"
  • Decoupled stream gathering thread from STB Channels information display thread to remove multithreading bug
  • STBs and Channels now updates more quickly, reflecting stream changes in less than 5 seconds
  • Improve accuracy of time left for recording on DVR for both HD and SD
  • Add profile override for WAN, DVR Ingress, and DVR Egress
  • Update channel database, Chicago locals now included, fix QVC & HSN channel numbers
  • Fix crash when selecting an invalid NIC, add user-friendly error message
  • Fix date/time not locked onto Windows form when window resized
  • Add renaming of STBs on Coax/HPNA tab
  • Remove warning dialog box before enabling STB Channels/Streams gathering, no longer required
  • Remember selected tab on program startup
  • Add better graceful shutdown code for background threads
  • Tweak highlighting colors
  • Update main documentation (ReadMe) with new features and screenshots
  • Update technical documentation with contents of U-Verse pseudo-SSDP packets


A peek at the new STB Channels/Streams screen:




As always, please post here with comments or bugs.


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Re: U-Verse Realtime v1.3.0.0

New channel database released, version 2010-07-31-1828-001, 828 channels.


  • Add Memphis, TN locals
  • Add Madison, WI locals
  • Add channel 770 Comcast SportsNet Bay Area
  • Add channel 1770 Comcast SportsNet Bay Area HD
  • Add channel 1767 Comcast SportsNet California HD


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Re: U-Verse Realtime v1.3.0.0

Thanks, originally it was 19/2 then my dad forced them to put it to where there was more than 1 HD stream in the house.


Maybe pair bonding will come eventually.

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Re: U-Verse Realtime v1.3.0.0

Can someone post a "Idiot's Guide"  for this tool, i.e. what should we be looking for (other than the color coded numbers) as possible issues?


Someone mention something about their PHY rate and SNR but what determines a "good" score and what a "bad" one?


What is a "good" Bitloading graph supposed to look like?


BTW, below are mine..



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Re: U-Verse Realtime v1.3.0.0



Your installation looks textbook -- nothing wrong with it at all.


The documentation included with U-Verse Realtime (Start Menu -> All Programs -> U-Verse Realtime -> ReadMe) contains full explanations of each parameter, including the proper values that each should read.


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Re: U-Verse Realtime v1.3.0.0

Does your tool support the 3801?

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Re: U-Verse Realtime v1.3.0.0

Are you talking about the iNID (2Wire 3812V + 2Wire i38HG)?  If so, the tool does not yet specifically support it.


I will update it to fully support the iNID if someone with a 2 line iNID installation is willing to pull HTML source code off the unit and send it to me.


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Re: U-Verse Realtime v1.3.0.0

No, I'm referring to the 3801, here:

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Re: U-Verse Realtime v1.3.0.0

The 3801 appears to be just a 3800 with a newer HPNA chipset, and a slight redesign of the voice ports (now only a single 2-line port instead of two ports).  If it's running the same firmware, version should work with it.


Note that I'm about to release, which currently is specific to the 3800 and the 3600.  That version may not work with the 3801 unless I add specific support for it.


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Re: U-Verse Realtime v1.3.0.0

Where would I find the version to validate?  Happy to supply HTML if it helps...

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Re: U-Verse Realtime v1.3.0.0

That would be awesome.  I'll delay the release of and add 3801 support to it.


Please download from the link in the first post in this thread and try it.


Please pull up the following pages from your 3801.  For each web page, do the following:

Internet Explorer
Click the "Page" pull-down in the top right, select Save, and save as type "Webpage, HTML only".

Right-click in the page and select Save Page As, and save as type "Web Page, HTML only".

I need the following pages:

Once you have all the pages saved, zip them up into a .zip file and e-mail then to me.  I have sent you my e-mail address in a private message.



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Re: U-Verse Realtime v1.3.0.0

So I was thinking about the sensor on the new LCD and ruled that out because the picture freezes while recording and the tv off.  When I playback I can see all the times it froze.  Now, tonight it has froze around 10 times in 30 minutes. I noticed this time when the picture froze I went and channeled up and then down as fast as the remote will change the station and the picture was unfroze. Also when I channeled up that channel was working fine. I think my coax signal is fine as it's at 112 and 31db. I can't think of anything in my house that is on a timer set for around 8PM still too light outside for any street lights etc. 

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Re: U-Verse Realtime v1.3.0.0

Could be a bad DVR unit.  Call the tech support number in my signature, have them send a premises tech to check the unit and the coax.


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