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U-Verse Realtime v1.3.0.0


U-Verse Realtime v1.3.0.0

U-Verse Realtime v1.3.0.0 is released.

The program (.exe installer) may be downloaded here.


If you have already installed v1.2.x.x, you can install this version on top of it and it will upgrade.  Those versions will also auto-update to this new version.


U-Verse Realtime is a standalone program that can retrieve information from a typical residential installation of the AT&T U-Verse IPTV system. Some of the information displayed consists of VDSL line analysis, network interface data rates, DVR information, and STB channel and stream information. This program requires that your U-Verse Residential Gateway (the 2Wire 3800HGV) be running firmware version only. Previous versions will not work with this program.


U-Verse Realtime v1.3.0.0 is the evolution of the previous program, 2WireRealtime. The new features added to UVerse Realtime expand its functionality beyond simply looking at statistics from the 2Wire 3800HGV router, so the program was renamed to better reflect its scope. 2WireRealtime will not auto-update to U-Verse Realtime, you must download the new installer.


A significant improvement in this version is the elimination of the requirement to be directly connected to the RG.  Also, the large amount of IPTV traffic that was generated to the computer running U-Verse Realtime is no longer present.


Fixes and New Features


  • Change STB detection method to use SSDP packets vice IGMP
  • Remove IGMP query packet generation
  • Eliminate requirement to be directly-connected to the RG
  • Eliminate large bandwidth usage to computer running UVRT
  • Streams Analysis now tracks WAN streams, DVR Ingress streams, and DVR Egress streams
  • STBs and Channels now tracks which streams are being watched and recorded
  • STBs and Channels now tracks separately if a STB is watching VOD or Recorded TV separately from "Off"
  • Decoupled stream gathering thread from STB Channels information display thread to remove multithreading bug
  • STBs and Channels now updates more quickly, reflecting stream changes in less than 5 seconds
  • Improve accuracy of time left for recording on DVR for both HD and SD
  • Add profile override for WAN, DVR Ingress, and DVR Egress
  • Update channel database, Chicago locals now included, fix QVC & HSN channel numbers
  • Fix crash when selecting an invalid NIC, add user-friendly error message
  • Fix date/time not locked onto Windows form when window resized
  • Add renaming of STBs on Coax/HPNA tab
  • Remove warning dialog box before enabling STB Channels/Streams gathering, no longer required
  • Remember selected tab on program startup
  • Add better graceful shutdown code for background threads
  • Tweak highlighting colors
  • Update main documentation (ReadMe) with new features and screenshots
  • Update technical documentation with contents of U-Verse pseudo-SSDP packets


A peek at the new STB Channels/Streams screen:




As always, please post here with comments or bugs.


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Re: U-Verse Realtime v1.3.0.0

I don't currently have another update in the works at the moment, I'm kind of debating what else to add.  There's been a few requests for some things that I might try.


  • One person wanted some U-Voice information, but since I don't have U-Voice it would be difficult for me to put this in.  Plus I'm not sure of what all I would display or how useful it would in troubleshooting.
  • I'm debating making an operating point graph that combines all the line statistics onto one visual representation.  It would allow you to see if one of the line parameters is not consistent with the others.
  • I have had requests to add logging of channels and channel changes, with reporting on how many hours of TV have been watched by a particular STB, report on what channel was being watched at a given time, etc.  This is difficult to do without a small SQL database, so I'm not sure I want to put this in.
  • I do want to do some minor updates, such as revamp the autoupdater (the code is a mess), put in some code to migrate settings between versions, etc.
  • I might put something in to make it easy to submit a channel into the channel database right from the program.
  • I'm not sure what the reaction would be on this, but it's something I've thought about: I want to make it an option to submit your line stats for anonymous data collection.  It would report your line stats to my server, which would then make public a database of those stats so that we can see what the "typical" range of U-Verse installations looks like.  No personal information would be collected.


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Re: U-Verse Realtime v1.3.0.0

How about a way to check your service when you are away from home.  To see if it is operating correctly.  This would be hand to know if you are on vacation and have recordings scheduled.  I don't know if this would be an infringement issue, but a way to remotely reboot your equipment would be cool too. 

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Re: U-Verse Realtime v1.3.0.0

Funny you mention that. :smileyhappy:


I have toyed with the idea of a mobile application that would basically reflect some of the same service parameters.  e.g. be able to see the channels/streams in use on your phone.


I have never written an Android application but that's where I might try to develop this.


As far as reboots, I could reboot the RG, but I don't think I can do anything with the STBs, there's simply no interface with them over the network.



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Re: U-Verse Realtime v1.3.0.0

 I love your program. Thanks. Also since I just bought a new Android phone I would be interested in a phone application if you do develop one.



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ACE - Expert

Re: U-Verse Realtime v1.3.0.0

Hm... a way to see what the kids are watching when you're not at home... :smileyhappy:

*The views and opinions expressed on this forum are purely my own. Any product claim, statistic, quote, or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider, or party.
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Re: U-Verse Realtime v1.3.0.0



I have been having problems with netflix streaming, I see a bit of red and orange on this tool.   But I have no idea what any of it means.  Should I be concerned, do you need to see anythign else?

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Re: U-Verse Realtime v1.3.0.0

It means that you have no overhead on the 32/5 profile bitwise and should go back to 25/2 (to have headroom and probably avoid problems) if you are having any Uverse TV problems (not Netflix).   Surprising that 39M is a problem on 35/2, post the bit loading page to see if you might have a bridge tap affecting you. :smileywink:



Please NO SD stretch-o-vision or 480 SD HD Channels
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Re: U-Verse Realtime v1.3.0.0



Here is the bitloading screenshot.

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Re: U-Verse Realtime v1.3.0.0



Here are the channel / multicast IP mappings for the San Francisco / Oakland / San Jose , CA Market (My ZIP: 94547) to add to the database:



2KTVU 2, Oakland, CA (FOX)
3KNTV 11, San Jose, CA (NBC)
4KRON 4, San Francisco, CA (MyNet)
5KPIX 5, San Francisco, CA (CBS)
6KICU 36, San Jose, CA (IND)
7KGO 7, San Francisco, CA (ABC)
8KTSF 26, San Francisco, CA (IND)
9KQED 9, San Francisco, CA (PBS)
13KDTV 14, San Francisco, CA (Univision)
19KFSF 66, Vallejo, CA (Futura)
20KOFY 20, San Francisco, CA (IND)
22KRCB 22, Cotati, CA (PBS)
25KTLN 68, Novato, CA (TLN)
32KMTP 32, San Francisco, CA (IND)
38KCNS 38, San Francisco, CA (IND)
42KTNC 42, Concord, CA (Estrella)
43KCSM 60, San Mateo, CA (PBS)
44KBCW 44, San Francisco, CA (CW)
48KSTS 48, San Jose, CA (Telemundo)
54KTEH 54, San Jose, CA (PBS)
65KKPX 65, San Jose, CA (ION)
1002KTVU 2 HD, Oakland, CA (FOX)
1003KNTV 11 HD, San Jose, CA (NBC)
1004KRON 4 HD, San Francisco, CA (MyNet)
1005KPIX 5 HD, San Francisco, CA (CBS)
1006KICU 36 HD, San Jose, CA (IND)
1007KGO 7 HD, San Francisco, CA (ABC)
1009KQED 9 HD, San Francisco, CA (PBS)
1013KDTV 14 HD, San Francisco, CA (Univision)
1019KFSF 66 HD, Vallejo, CA (Futura)
1020KOFY 20 HD, San Francisco, CA (IND)
1022KRCB 22 HD, Cotati, CA (PBS)
1044KBCW 44 HD, San Francisco, CA (CW)
1048KSTS 48 HD, San Jose, CA (Telemundo)
1065KKPX 65 HD, San Jose, CA (ION)


And here's the info for an international channel I receive:


3682TFC, The Filipino Channel239.192.5.189
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Re: U-Verse Realtime v1.3.0.0



The bitloading graph doesn't look bad.  It looks typical for your distance ... no bridge tap that I can see.


I would say your Netflix streaming issue is pointing more towards a routing/Internet problem than a line problem.


Your line parameters from your other post show that your line isn't ideal for the 32/5 profile, but it's very close so there probably won't be very much of a problem.  However, you may want to have them lower you to the 25/2 profile just to avoid any issues.  But I think there's only a marginal change that would improve or solve your Netflix issue.


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Re: U-Verse Realtime v1.3.0.0



Thanks!  I'll get a new channel database together.


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Re: U-Verse Realtime v1.3.0.0

New channel database released, version 2010-07-26-1841-001, 698 channels.


  • Add San Francisco / Oakland / San Jose, CA locals.
  • Add The Filipino Channel (3682)



For reference, here is the list of all local markets that are now in the database:


  • Atlanta, GA
  • Cleveland, OH
  • Columbus, OH
  • Detroit, MI
  • Houston, TX
  • Milwaukee, WI
  • Nashville, TN
  • Oklahoma City, OK
  • San Francisco / Oakland / San Jose, CA
  • Springfield, IL
  • St. Louis, MO


If your local market is not on this list and you would like it to be, please post the channel numbers and multicast IP addresses, and your zip code and I will get them in the database.


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Re: U-Verse Realtime v1.3.0.0

My bit loading looks a bit 'funky'.  Kind of uncleanly trails off, like an echo.  Ideas why?  Thanks.







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Re: U-Verse Realtime v1.3.0.0

You probably have a bridge tap on that line.  It's causing the abnormally high attenuation in the upper frequencies.  Also, your downstream attenuation value doesn't really match the upstream power level, which is another indication that there's abnormal attenuation.


Because of the line conditions, your line can't really handle the assigned 25/2 profile either.


I would have the line group (I&R) come look for and remove the bridge tap.  It would bring the line into good working order by improviing the max rate and allowing the 25/2 profile to run correctly.


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Re: U-Verse Realtime v1.3.0.0

My stats seem to be getting worse as the days go by, I wonder why.


7/16 - Stats





7/27 - Stats




7/27 - Bitloading Graph (it seems that the upper frequencies in yellow are missing)







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