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U-Verse Realtime v1.2.0.0


U-Verse Realtime v1.2.0.0

U-Verse Realtime v1.2.0.0 is released.

The program (.exe installer) may be downloaded here.


U-Verse Realtime is a standalone program that can retrieve information from a typical residential installation of the AT&T U-Verse IPTV system. Some of the information displayed consists of VDSL line analysis, network interface data rates, DVR information, and STB channel and stream information. This program requires that your U-Verse Residential Gateway (the 2Wire 3800HGV) be running firmware version only. Previous versions will not work with this program.


U-Verse Realtime v1.2.0.0 is the evolution of the previous program, 2WireRealtime. The new features added to UVerse Realtime expand its functionality beyond simply looking at statistics from the 2Wire 3800HGV router, so the program was renamed to better reflect its scope. 2WireRealtime will not auto-update to U-Verse Realtime, you must download the new installer.



Fixes and New Features


  • Program renamed to U-Verse Realtime to better reflect the scope of functionality.
  • Fix last digit of coax station MAC addresses
  • Add date/time to panel so it appears in screenshots
  • Add comma & significant figures to FEC/CRC rates
  • Fix Bits in use highlighting - yellow vice red @ 100%
  • Add Hardware version to IP and Gateway information
  • Change to ListView control for coax/HPNA reporting for better line-up of information
  • Add STB channels tab with current channels being watched, stream totals, and DVR space analysis.
  • Change ReadMe to PDF vice .txt file to be able to hold graphics.
  • Change to MSI installer to allow user to install WinPcap.


System Requirements Change

System requirements have been modified significantly from 2WireRealtime -- please read the documentation in the ReadMe file!


Basic System Requirements

  • U-Verse Realtime requires a Windows XP, Vista, 7, Server 2003, Server 2008, or Server 2008R2 system to run. U-Verse Realtime is an x86 (32-bit) application, but will run on x64 machines with no issues.
  • U-Verse Realtime requires that the Microsoft .Net Framework v3.5 is installed on your system. If it is not, the installer will prompt you to install it. If you want to manually install it, go to Windows Update and look under the Optional updates.

Additional System Requirements for STB Channels/Streams Feature

  • Use of the STB Channels/Streams feature requires a wired Ethernet network interface – U-Verse Realtime will not be able to gather this information on a computer with only a wireless interface.
  • Use of the STB Channels/Streams feature will probably require that any software firewalls be disabled completely. Note that it is not enough to “allow” or “whitelist” the U-Verse Realtime executable file because the packet capture techniques will still not work under that condition. In fact, some software firewalls may have to be removed from the computer completely rather than just disabled because they interfere with WinPcap.
  • It is highly recommended that the computer running U-Verse Realtime is directly connected to the RG, with no intervening network switch. If the computer is instead connected to a network switch, U-Verse Realtime will cause a large amount of extra network traffic that may interfere with other devices when the STB Channels/Streams feature is used.
  • The STB Channels/Streams feature is turned off by default. If you meet the above system requirements, you can turn it on by checking the “Enable Gathering STB Channel/Stream Data” setting on the Configuration tab.

As always, please post here with any comments or bugs.


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Re: U-Verse Realtime v1.2.0.0 virus?


djmegahertz_1 wrote:

Hey Joe,

Just an FYI as I know this is a flase positive, but Malwarebytes.org just started to report 2 days ago the following..

UVRT-v1.5.0.0-Installer.exe (Trojan.Swisyn)


Virscan.org report (36 different anti-virus engines) for UVRT v1.5.0.0 Installer, shows no positive infection.


Virscan.org report (36 different anti-virus engines) for UVRT v1.6.0.0 Installer, shows a single positive, this is a false positive.


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