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U-Verse Internet - Change Phone + Coax set-up to Ethernet only


U-Verse Internet - Change Phone + Coax set-up to Ethernet only

My current internet set-up includes a phone and Coax to the router.

I believe some folks have ethernet Vs mine and i was wondering if it was possible to switch/change?

I have stopped subscribing to Uverse TV (nobody uses it) and just need the internet.


I was under the impression that the phone part is only used for VOIP. But that's not the case in my place as I lose connectivity if i unplug the phone cable. Looks like it needs both - Phone and Coax.


Also, if I need a wired connection to computer, is running an 'ethernet to router' the only way? Can i not make all my ethernet points at home 'live'?


Basically, my end goal is to be able to connect my desktop in the office to a wired connection. TOr, sometimes connect my laptop to a wired connection. Currently, the router is nowhere close to it.


Is it just me or is this whole set-up too tedious? I justw ant to avoid calling the technician.



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