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U-Verse Gateway 3800 hgv-b and Roku


U-Verse Gateway 3800 hgv-b and Roku

We just got ATT U-Verse Internet only. Our modem/router is a Gateway 3800 hgv-b.


Anyone had any experience hooing a Roku unit wireless to this modem/router?


I want to get the Roku for Netflix viewing. Need wireless to reach the TV.




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Re: U-Verse Gateway 3800 hgv-b and Roku

A Roku will work fine with the router and the U-Verse service.  You need at least the Elite (6 Mbps) internet package to stream HD.


You can configure the Roku to hook up wirelessly, you'll use the same SSID and password that you use to hook up wireless computers to the gateway.


If you want to change the SSID, encryption type, or password, you can get into the RG using  Then go to Settings -> LAN -> Wireless.


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Re: U-Verse Gateway 3800 hgv-b and Roku

I also just got the Roku player. I was able to connect wirelessly, but I would prefer to connect via a wired connection. I haven't been able to do so. Any advice?

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Re: U-Verse Gateway 3800 hgv-b and Roku

I have the exact opposite problem. I cannot connect via wirless. I have gone thru every configuration setting insuring all details.


What was your result? I have determined this is a warranty issue (HW Problem) but cannot prove it other than it does not connect in any way via wireless.



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Re: U-Verse Gateway 3800 hgv-b and Roku

I am running my Roku on 1.3 DSL service and a Dlink DIR 601 router  and can stream Netflix movies in HD without a hiccup

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