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U-Verse Freezes...


U-Verse Freezes...

This thing is frozen most of the time, if anything it unfreezes for ten minutes , then freezes again, so frustrating!!

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Re: U-Verse Freezes...

Call ts using the phone number in my sig.  Ask the csr to do a test on your service for errors.  If it is freezing like you say it is they will find plenty.  Ask that a prem tech be sent out to check your install and to see if the higher profile is causing these issues for you.  If the tech sees you are on the 23/5 profile, have hin/her call cs and have your services downgraded to the 25/2 profile.

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Re: U-Verse Freezes...

I started having a lot of freezing, stuttering and pixelization problems as soon as they switched me to the 32/5 profile and 3HD.  I really wanted to keep my 3 HD so I tried an experiment.  I have two Plasma televisions (both were having problems) the DVR and the STB were both connected to the RG via coax.  I switched the DVR connection from coax to Cat-6, and immediately the DVR problems cleared up.  However, the STB became worse, in fact, it rendered the TV unusable.  I then replaced the coax to the STB with CAT-6 and I haven't had a problem with either television since.  That was 2 weeks far, so good.  I hope I didn't just jinx myself.  Good luck




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Re: U-Verse Freezes...

Thats very interesting.  That may be why the problem hasn't occured across the board.  From now on I will ask if people have a coax install.  My installation is coax, but a week or so after I was downgraded I checked using the Realtime app and saw that I am back at the 32/5 profile and have been for about 2 months with no problems.  Thanks for the info.

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