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U-Verse FTTP Line Speeds around 10kbps


U-Verse FTTP Line Speeds around 10kbps

I had a sixth technician who came home today to troubleshoot my slow internet problem.  My problem is that occasionally I get good service but more recently I have been having terrible service either it is slow or it wont even let me browse.


I installed U-Verse Realtime today and I realized that I have an FTTP line (Fiber To The Premise). The Data Rate Out and Date Rate In speed I was seeing in U-Verse Realtime were about 8kbps and 11kbps. I think I was getting better speeds in 1990's using my dial-up.


So, what did the sixth technician find out. He found out that the problem was not in the inside wiring. He did this by taking my box outside and plugging it in directly to the outside box. He is going to put a call to check my outside line. This was done before without any resolution. I will have to wait and see what they find.


Overall, U-Verse seems like a service that is deployed without any proper training given to technicians. I think if it works great but once it breaks you are out for a month or two without proper service until you get lucky and someone fixes the service or you cancel it.


I am typing this by connecting my laptop to my cell phone's 4G network which seems 1000 times faster and reliable than U-verse service.


I will update this thread on the progress.

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Re: U-Verse FTTP Line Speeds around 10kbps

To give a little more background. I only have U-Verse high speed internet service (12 Mbps plan) right now. I had the TV service for a few months and I feel that my internet service went bad after I cancelled my TV service. I am not sure whether it is this or it is that all the new homes right next to ours have U-verse since that is the only option currently available in this side of the sub-division.

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Re: U-Verse FTTP Line Speeds around 10kbps

y you say that cause my internet is doing the exact same thing. Ans yes its a big hassel to get someone to come down and check on it and finally fix the problem.

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Re: U-Verse FTTP Line Speeds around 10kbps

I'd contact David and his tier2 team here:

Follow the directions under TROUBLES w/UVerse or install problems and hopefully they will solve your problem, good luck. Smiley Wink



Please NO SD stretch-o-vision or 480 SD HD Channels
1-800-288-2020, After he gets acct info, press # a bunch of times, get a menu from Mr. Voice recognition
Your Results May Vary, In My Humble Opinion
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Re: U-Verse FTTP Line Speeds around 10kbps

ok, finally after one month, my U-Verse problems are over. They replaced the outside box- the ONT box  - a box typically located on the side of your house or in your garage, where AT&T's fiber network terminates.


I am back to terrific speeds. I am getting 11.5Mbps downloads consistently.


Lesson learned: Dont assume that things will get better after a tech visit. Dont assume that the problem will magically be solved. Keep opening tickets until the problem is solved. Eventually, it will solved.

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Re: U-Verse FTTP Line Speeds around 10kbps

Ya, a bad ONT would do it. Smiley Surprised


Glad you got it fixed and that everything's working now!


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