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Trying To Configure Home Web Server Through 2Wire


Trying To Configure Home Web Server Through 2Wire

Ey fellas, just last night I configured a machine of mine running Windows Server 2003 to host a site from my home network. I configured it remotely, outside my local network. using RDC(Remote Desktop Connection) It worked and everything right away, but when I tried connecting to the internet from the server machine it gave me a message saying that it has detected another device on the network that was acting like a router and was mapping the external IP to itself. It provided two options: Disable, and Resolve. Not knowing any better I chose "Resolve" and the server machine was put into DMZ mode and was no longer able to access the internet or be connected to from inside the network. And under the "Home Network" section in the router's setup interface the server shows up as inactive... Any idea how to go about activating it?

I changed it from DMZ mode to Allow Individual Application(s) and it was able to access the internet again. But I was not able to connect to it from outside the network via RDC. However, local devices could connect to it. I searched google for awhile and found this guide: I did step "2a: For 2wire gateways running 5.x firmware" and set the IP address to the machine's local static IP address ( and a subnet mask of and the server machine popped up an alert saying that there was a conflict of IP addresses on the network and I was not able to access the internet from it at all. But I was able to ping to it with: ping from inside the network.

I have 2 servers setup, everything configured for the other server is working fine, but the web hosting server isn't able to be accessed. And I really do not want to reset to default settings since I have configured a lot of settings for many machines. By the way, is there a way to save the router's settings to a file or to make a backup? If so, how do I go about doing this, because I couldn't find info on it anywhere.

So does anyone have any ideas of how to go about successfully setting up the web server behind the 2Wire Gateway? Any help greatly appreciated!
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