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Time To Call it Quits and Leave U-verse


Time To Call it Quits and Leave U-verse

After 5 months its finally time to leave. The third dvr failed this weekend. It decided to erase every recorded show on the unit. Last week the tech said the thought the problem was simply a wiring on the exterior of my home. I told him that 20 percent of the recordings had been deleted but he had no explanation.


The biggest surprise came today with a call to customer service (and I use that term lightly). I explained that if they were unable to provide equipment that worked I would change service. When I asked how long to disconnect she said that it could be done in an hour. I told the rep that I would call DirecTV and then call back. She surprisingly told me that she could help with a DirecTV order. I then had to ask her if I am not happy with your service why would I want to place the order with ATT ( no commission to them).

Although all of the techs that have been to my house have been exceptionally friendly and professional the level of knowledge and training has varied widely. I would strongly suggest that customer service reps get some training in people skills.


I hope that in the future the service is able to provide what they promise.  I really like the service when it works.


p.s.   Do the customer service reps understand that alternatives exist to the service?

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Re: Time To Call it Quits and Leave U-verse

You must have gotten some bad CS Reps, or .......  Did you call the 866 # listed in my signature area?  They get results!  Much better and more pleasant that Comcast or Time Warner.  Each time that I mentioned even thinking about leaving UV, I got a credit and my service was fixed to my satisfaction.


I guess that I am lucky - I have never lost recording except when the DVR got switched out and that was my call.  


Have you d/l the UV Realtime software?

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Re: Time To Call it Quits and Leave U-verse

Sorry to hear of your bad experience with U-Verse.


One question though.  Was the Remote Gateway placed directly on top of your DVR.  The DVR requires at least three inches clearance for proper ventilation.  The RG runs hot and can cause the DVR to fail.  I found this out the hard way as I went through three DVR's in about six months.  After I moved the RG, I have had no more problems.

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Re: Time To Call it Quits and Leave U-verse

JLB10, if you haven't already placed your order with Directv I would contact David. He's an AT&T employee, who along with his team of Tier 2 Agents, gets things fixed which TS often can't. Send him an email starting with "Problems with Uverse?" in the link and somebody will contact you.


I fled Directv a couple years ago and have never looked back. Hate to see anybody go into a 2 year contract with them when your problems can probably be resolved.


Good luck


PS. Would bet you haven't received 3 faulty DVR's and there's something in your setup making them go bad. Hopefully the electrical outlet is properly grounded and there's a ground wire going from the NID (gray phone box on side of house) to a grounding stake.


PSS. Good tip Statmeister since I also had my RG overheating when they stacked the STB on top of it. Surely after a couple tech visits to JLB10 they wouldn't leave the DVR stacked that way.


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