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Terrible Download speeds after months of good service.


Terrible Download speeds after months of good service.

Ordered Uverse last year and weas thrilled with it, always got stability and the 12 megabit I was paying for...great for streaming, downloading lots of large files, etc.


Now, anytime I download a file that's large enough and takes long enough to start seeing the fluctuations, I do.  Speed tests normally come out looking good..but on sites where you can choose a 50 MB or larger file, I will see fluctuations from full bandwitdh (12 Mb/s) to around 100K/ S and back up, over and over. I'm in the St. Louis area, and I have confirmed that other Uverse users in my area are having the exact same issue (people in a 2 mile radius from my house). I spent 3 hours on the phone with tier 2 support on Saturday night and I was basically told that there is nothing apparently wrong.


Netflix is unusable, as is youtube.  My itunes podcast downloads average around 10KB/s (if they don't time out).  If I tether my laptop to my 3G phone, I get a faster average download speed with itunes.  Downloading large files will hit 1.3MB/s, then drop to almost nothing for about 30 seconds (30KB/S), then back up, etc. 


Up until a few weeks ago my connection was great, I was recommending Uverse to friends.  Now, I'm thinking about switching to Charter.  Let me know if there's any information I can post.  I can confirm that 2 other people close to me are having the same issues.

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Re: Terrible Download speeds after months of good service.

Me too !  I upgraded to the "elite" (6mbs) a year ago.   My comp had awesome speeds,,, no problems.

In the last couple of weeks,, its sloooooow as heck.  Type something in--- 10 seconds later it comes up.

I downloaded the attsupport tool-- it says i have a "connex problem" and to call support.

I called them and they guided me through a download and ping test.  Said all was normal and

I get what I paid for.  What an answer !

Something is definately going on because what Im reading on here its not only me.

Im thinking about going to WOW or back to COMCAST.

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Re: Terrible Download speeds after months of good service.

Same thing is happening in Cook County, Illinois.  Netflix, youtube, and games like starcraft 2 have been unusable. OnDemand is also not working. I have had Uverse for over 3 years with perfect service up until a few weeks ago. so I'm hoping it's just a glitch they can iron out.


Are you using Mac or Windows? I have better success with Windows/Firefox than with Mac 10.6.6/Safari or Firefox. I'm hoping this is a temporary set back because I have no desire to go to comcast. I think AT&T's customer service is pretty good. I get quick replies and most of the tier 1 folks know quite a bit. If you ever get their tier 2 support it's unbelievable. These Guys/Gals know a lot and your problem is either solved or at least identified quickly. Unfortunately the Tier 2's are quite limited. I don't think comcast has any service like that at all. I have had to try and troubleshoot some comcast stuff for my parents and it was a nightmare. They were useless for us Mac users. I'm going to give it a few weeks before doing anything drastic.

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Re: Terrible Download speeds after months of good service.

For all of you, I'd contact David and his tier2 team here:

Follow the directions under TROUBLES w/UVerse or install problems and hopefully they will solve your downloading problems, good luck.

I am not experiencing any of these problems in metro Detroit. Smiley Wink



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