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Tech Help....

I've already went thru tech support and will not have a tech out till tomorrow morning. I am somewhat tech savy but i am perplexed with what is going on with my u-verse. I was surfing the web earlier and my internet dropped, tv was working. I rebooted my GW and nothing has come back up.. except my wireless is working??? Any one experience something like this?



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Re: Tech Help....

do you see any black boxes in your house that say "HomePlug"?

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Re: Tech Help....

hold down the reset button on the back of the gateway for about 20 sec, then let the gateway load back up

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Re: Tech Help....

You can also try unplugging the cable from the stb for 30 seconds which will cause it to redownload the software.  When you referred to the GW were you talking about the RG (Residential Gateway)?

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