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TV service freezes


TV service freezes


Here is a live shot of my TV. 7 Techs all with a different fixs...anyone listening...Cant escalate about sr. tech, i call and complain and ask for rebate...i get Ha, Ha, Ha  no rebates or refunds until we fix it...What???? Can you spell Comcast...

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Re: TV service freezes

Yeah, you got problems.  But, that's why we're here... to arm you with the information you need to fix this and get it fixed correctly.


First of all, please download uVerse Real Time, it's located here.  Once you have it installed I'd like to see screenshots of the IP/Profile, Bitloading, COAX/HPNA, and Error Table tabs.  You can use ImageShack to post your screenshots.  With screenshots of these program tabs we can help you troubleshoot your issue.

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Re: TV service freezes

You my friend, definately have issues with your service.  Follow the advice above and then contact David

Either he, or a member of his team will contact you with 48-72 hours if not sooner as long as you follow the steps in the information thread.

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Re: TV service freezes

Well I have same problem down in Miami area. Good to see I'm not alone

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Re: TV service freezes

What *fixes* did they try? 

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