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TV playback either choppy or just stops


TV playback either choppy or just stops

So for the last few weeks when watching TV on a variety of channels the program will get choppy (starts/stops) or just completely stop.  Sometimes switching channels will help for a little bit, other times I have to turn my box off/on.  Even then there's no telling how long the issue will get fixed.  I was thinking it might have something to do with the load on the network, but even with no other boxes active I was getting the choppyness. 


I've downloaded the Uverse Realtime utility although I'm not sure I totally understand all the info it's giving.  However the set of red numbers on the COAX/HPNA tab I assume are a bad thing.







So far net surfing hasn't been an issue for me.  However my roommates have said they've had some net issues too, normally related to gaming (I haven't really been playing online games for the last few weeks).


Any help would be appreciated, because it's becoming a pain to watch the NHL playoffs.

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Re: TV playback either choppy or just stops

Check to see if all of your coax connectors are tight on the stbs and the televisions.  Call ts using the phone number in my sig and ask the csr to run a test on your service.  They will definitely find errors.  Then request that a tech be sent out to check your installation.

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Re: TV playback either choppy or just stops

How old is your install?  When did you notice the issues?(after a storm?)  Is it a cat5 install or coax?  I agree to check all connectors including at any splitters and at the RG.

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