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THDVR issue...


THDVR issue...

It did arrive in Green Bay last night.  However, 2 of my 4 Stb receivers are having problems.  When viewing a recorded program it pauses for a few seconds, looks fine for a few seconds, and pauses for a few seconds (repeats).  I tried a soft and hard reboot to the receivers to no avail.  Do you think they just have to push a software upgrade to me?  Has anyone else experienced this?



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Re: THDVR issue...

Before I got the thdvr upgrade and a little while after it I was getting lots of freezing and pixelization.  But it cleared up completely after I had thdvr for a week.  Let us know if the problem persists beyond the weekend.  If you like you can check your stats and copy and paste them to a post so we can see them.  But I don't think you will see many uncorrected errors.

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Re: THDVR issue...

I've been having the same problem on one of my STB. When I first got THDVR several weeks ago.. I wasn't able to view any recordings because of awful freezing and pauses..  Happened on every recording I tried to watch.


I rebooted everything.. DVR.. STB and RG.  It's been fine for the last couple of weeks but now it started to happen again last night.


I can't seem to copy and paste my stats and keep the easy to read format.. but the only thing that stands it is 81 DSL corrected blocks in the last 24 hours and 18,832 since last reset.  Does that mean anything?

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Re: THDVR issue...

etwork Performance Management Data
Data Collection Time:2008/11/07 19:08:43 CST

Destination Source PHY Rate (Mbps) Signal to Noise Ration (dB) Pre-LARQ PER (%)
Station ID MAC Addr. Station ID MAC Addr. 
HPNA Network Broadcast 112 -  - 
1 00:1:5b:2c:36:3 2 00:1:de:5f:a3:7 112 39 N/A
1 00:1:5b:2c:36:3 3 00:1:de:60:63:4 112 39 -5.21e+02
1 00:1:5b:2c:36:3 4 00:1:de:5f:a3:a 112 38 N/A
1 00:1:5b:2c:36:3 2 00:1:b6:32:ba:6 112 38 4.10e+01
2 00:1:de:5f:a3:7 1 00:1:5b:2c:36:3 112 38 N/A
2 00:1:b6:32:ba:6 1 00:1:5b:2c:36:3 112 0 N/A
2 00:1:de:5f:a3:7 3 00:1:de:60:63:4 112 38 N/A
3 00:1:de:60:63:4 1 00:1:5b:2c:36:3 112 39 -4.14e+02
3 00:1:de:60:63:4 4 00:1:de:5f:a3:a 96 34 -2.90e+04
3 00:1:de:60:63:4 2 00:1:de:5f:a3:7 96 36 -2.90e+04
4 00:1:de:5f:a3:a 3 00:1:de:60:63:4 96 34 N/A
4 00:1:de:5f:a3:a 1 00:1:5b:2c:36:3 112 38 0.00e+00


if u have all 112 great  below the 96 will cause problems..

note: this is for a coax hpna install....

it u have a leg that drops below 96 to 80 or so it indicates the line is faulty ??? (loose ftg etc)

just a possibility is all..  and something to look at  imho

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Re: THDVR issue...

How do you get those stats?  I clicked the link at the bottom of your post but I just got a blank screen.
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Re: THDVR issue...

Good info Randy...Thanks!


I would post mine but I just can't figure out how to post something like that without it showing up as a mess that takes forever to decipher.  Always telling me something about HTML in the pink box up above.

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Re: THDVR issue...

Upgrade to THDVR was done on 11.07.08, Uverse install was on 07/31.2008, since the original install , I have had 3 DVR's, 4 service calls, all of the coax ends replaced, problems include stuttering\ freezing picture, remote not working, DVR locking up (green and red lights flashing, with black screen with red X on TV), DVR stalling when 2 HD programs are recording, and finally the TV receiver's displaying the message "The Recorded TV list is unavailable. Make sure this TV receiver and the DVR receiver are connected to the network.), when the Recorded TV button is pressed. I had THDVR for about 4 hours since the upgrade, I have done restarts and hard boots starting with the Gateway, then the DVR, and finally the TV receivers with no succes. I have also had a tech tell me the Cisco boxes are unable to output the 1080i aspect ratio, so he switched it to 720i. My Uverse worked fine until I upgraded to an 42" HD LCD, and added HD service and THDVR. With most of the PHY Rate being at 80, I can see why I'm having all these problems. Who would you suggest I contact now, to correct this issue? BTW the existing coax is from TWC, only the fittings were replaced. Uverse w\ THDRV was awesome for those few hours, I'd really like to get the whole package working soon!  
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Re: THDVR issue...

Puter T   call tech support    again :smileysad:


bummer   but those 80's   will not cut it..  imho

u maybe have a hidden splitter in wall /attic  dunno

u deff got something a miss with the coax  for sure...

talk to teir II and tell them send a veteran prem tech




my slant


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Re: THDVR issue...

I am having the same issue with constant pauses.  Funny thing is that i watched 15 minutes of a show this morning and it worked fine.  I get home from work and it just plays for a few seconds and pauses again.  I has worked fine on occasions(where i have watched entire shows) since it was pushed last week but more pauses than anything.  I have not called it in yet since i thought i would give them a few weeks ot get the bugs out but it does not seem to be getting any better.  Here are my stats and it seems to be holding at 96 between #2 and #3 which are the 2 boxes i have.  What should i do next?





Network Performance Management Data

Data Collection Time:2008/11/18 18:47:51 CST


Destination Source PHY Rate (Mbps) Signal to Noise Ration (dB) Pre-LARQ PER (%) Station ID MAC Addr. Station ID MAC Addr.   HPNA Network Broadcast 112 - -

1 00:1b:fc:47:b1:89   2 00:1e:6b:51:7c:4a   112   39 N/A

1 00:21:7c:87:82:89   2 00:1e:6b:51:7c:4a   112   39 N/A

1 00:21:7c:87:82:89   3 00:1e:6b:56:c7:16   112   38 -2.00e+02

1 00:1b:fc:47:b1:89   3 00:1e:6b:56:c7:16   112   38 N/A

2 00:1e:6b:51:7c:4a   1 00:21:7c:87:82:89   112   39 0.00e+00

2 00:1e:6b:51:7c:4a   3 00:1e:6b:56:c7:16   96    37 N/A

3 00:1e:6b:56:c7:16   1 00:21:7c:87:82:89   112   39 0.00e+00

3 00:1e:6b:56:c7:16   2 00:1e:6b:51:7c:4a   96    32 1.86e+00

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Re: THDVR issue...

Go to this site, copy and paste your stats to a post so we can see how they look.

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Re: THDVR issue...

Here you go.  The text is bunched together some.  The editor would always remove the HTML so i pasted as text in word first.



View Broadband Link Statistics Transmit and Receive DataIP Bytes  Packets  Errors Transmit: 3938751109  16776588  0 Receive: 2467324847  200911855  0    Data ErrorsStatisticsCollected for 15 days 0:47:31 Since Reset Current 24-Hour Interval Current 15-Minute Interval Time Since Last Event  DSL Link Retrains: 0 0 0 0:00:00  DSL Training Errors: 1 0 0 15 days 0:45:17  DSL Training Timeouts: 2 0 0 15 days 0:45:40  DSL Loss of Framing Failures: 0 0 0 0:00:00  DSL Loss of Signal Failures: 0 0 0 0:00:00  DSL Loss of Power Failures: 0 0 0 0:00:00  DSL Loss of Margin Failures: 0 0 0 0:00:00  DSL Cumulative Errored Seconds: 123 1 0 0:06:56  DSL Severely Errored Seconds: 4 0 0 5 days 12:06:21  DSL Corrected Blocks: 224862 621 0 0:06:56  DSL Uncorrected Blocks: 833 5 0 0:06:56


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Re: THDVR issue...

sorry it jumbled it together again.


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Re: THDVR issue...

Your stats show that you have a lot of uncorrected errors in your service.  You need to call ts and request a prem tech be sent out to check your service.  There may be a problem with a cable connector or something to that affect.  The tech will check your installation.
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Re: THDVR issue...

Thanks . i will give them a call.
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