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Suddenly, laptop will not connect wirelessly


Suddenly, laptop will not connect wirelessly

For the last two weeks my work laptop, which I use at home on occassion, connected to internet no problem-I've been albe to do everything w/o a problem for like a year.  Now it picks up our signal, it is first on the list, and indicates a strong signal but alas it will not connect. To test things out, we were able to connect to an unsecured linksys in area.


We have not changed any settings or added any programs.  It was literally, okay one day and now not.


One last thing, our home computer connects fine to the internet (it is not wireless though).



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Re: Suddenly, laptop will not connect wirelessly

Changing the Wi-Fi Protect setup to disabled worked for me! The IP address was slightly different  - it was - also I was asked for a password (which I didn't know). I clicked on the hint link and turns out, it was the system password on the box. But for now the wireless service I've been paying for but not getting is working - no thanks to technical support, they even sold me something and I wasn't even aware until it arrived in the mail. Thanks for the advice!



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Re: Suddenly, laptop will not connect wirelessly

I had the same problem.  My Mac Mini was losing its connection to the 2Wire router  several times a minute, which was really frustrating.  If I opened the Airport status indicator in the menu at the top of the screen, I could see that  my Mac was constantly "looking for networks."  


I made the setting change jefftrz suggested, and so far it seems to have helped.  (HUGE thanks, Jefftrz.)


The address I had to use to get to the configuration page on my router was, though, which was different from what jefftrz had posted.  It may be that different models use a different URL.  


Ours was written on the bottom of the router, though, along with the password info, so if anyone else is having trouble getting to the configuration page, check the address on your router.

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Re: Suddenly, laptop will not connect wirelessly

THANK YOU!  This suddenly became a problem a few days ago.  It never occurred to me that it might be related to Uverse as it surfaced while I installed some software for my child.  So glad it's solved!  Thanks again!

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