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Streaming Netflix to Wireless Blu-Ray player


Streaming Netflix to Wireless Blu-Ray player



I have a LG BD390 blu-ray player which connects wirelessly to my Uverse network to allow YouTube, Netflix and other internet video options. The BD390 keeps losing the wireless connection and I have to go through network setup options often.


Here's the LG support suggestion:


<< Thank you for contacting LG Electronics. Does your 2Wire router have a DMZ option? If so, then I would connect the BD390 with a static IP and put that IP in the routers DMZ. You may need to contact AT&T or 2Wire (whoever provides support for your router) for detailed info on the DMZ.

If the router does not have a DMZ, then I can confidently say the unit is malfunctioning and will require service. >>



I'm not familiar with "DMZ" but I did find BD390 within the wireless hardware list and I set it up a static IP address of I set the same IP address within the BD390. It worked for awhile but the router and/or the BD390 seemed to forget the static IP. Perhaps if the router is reset by me or by ATT then that info is lost? 


What does DMZ mean and is there anything else I need to do on the Uverse side to set up a device for video streaming?






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Re: Streaming Netflix to Wireless Blu-Ray player




try setting it to the address it has been given on the rg in this table




not sure u need dmz for the problem   ,  also u may need to try a diff wireless channel







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Re: Streaming Netflix to Wireless Blu-Ray player

I have U-Verse and have Netflix streaming on 4 different devices (2 TiVos and 2 different model Blu-Ray players). I use wireless for them all and I have no problems with connectivity. None of the devices use DMZ. The only other thing that would concern me is the distance between the player and the RG. Have you moved the player to a different location?


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Re: Streaming Netflix to Wireless Blu-Ray player


I just bought a Panasonic blu-ray player, and it came with a wireless LAN adapter that plugs into the USB port on the player. However Smiley Sad I cannot figure out how to make it work with the RG?Uverse wireless access point. The blu-ray "sees" my 2Wire network (and several others), but I cannot get the blu-ray to connect.

I am using the WPA PSK-TKIP option on the blu-ray, then entering the passkey printed on the RS unit.

Are there any gurus out there who can tell me if this is the right way to do it?


Note: At one point, the blu-ray displayed on the screen an 8-digit number and told me to register this number in the Access Point. What does that mean, and how do I do with with the RS unit???




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Re: Streaming Netflix to Wireless Blu-Ray player

What protocol did you use to set up your wireless blu-rays? I am trying to use WPA PSK-TKIP without success so far.

Maybe I am messing up, but it would help to know if the aforementioned protocol even works with Uverse.




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Re: Streaming Netflix to Wireless Blu-Ray player

Do two things:


1. Go to this web page in the U-Verse RG and disable the Wi-Fi Protected Setup:



2. If necessary, on that same page, change the encryption/authentication type to WEP-Shared.



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Re: Streaming Netflix to Wireless Blu-Ray player

Is your BluRay player close to a STB.  If you aren't using your ethernet port on the back of your STB you can hook up you BluRay to that port and not have to worry about wireless settings.  I have my BluRay player hooked up that way and it works just fine. 

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